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A week ago almost two weeks ago. Tuesday was my last day on air. Yep. But then I was I was on the air for two days in Arizona. With the kids out there. And then I was off Monday Tuesday Wednesday of last week. And then we in no shows because of the tournament and Thursday Friday, but we were out in the bow. We where we had. Yeah. We had a good time. We were out at twin peaks and Warrenville on Thursday. And then shoeless Joe's in Addison on Friday. Had a great opportunity to spend some time with a lot of very loyal listeners. We we had a blast. We gave away a trip to Cancun each those days with the pop shot top shot competition, who is awesome. They did it bracket style into p ones on the Friday went down to the wire. And it was decided by one point. It was gay and Kramer, Kramer Kramer's. A big season cubs season ticket holder wasn't the Cosmo Kramer, not Cosmo Kramer, Kramer, one in both days. We gave away a trip was great Cancun at the Rio. So we had a yeah. Got a lot of fun watching basketball. I ass kicked in the pop shot contest with you. Yes. But it wasn't like I wanted to make sure that it wasn't like a fluke. Yeah. Rematch. We matched. Yeah. One hundred and thirty this get you look at me. Was impressive. So I thought at times. The tournament was a little a little boring. During the week Heller, Utah a little bit the ones the great upsets, it's very chalk. Liberty was an upset. There were like a couple of splash moments. But I thought the best moment of the tournament. So far. Duke and UCF and UCF last night. No, I agree with that. I mean, again as we were talking earlier with Carmen, Freddie. I stand by it. Look, I mean Duke may end up winning this title, but you'll always look to in in any title run where where good fortune shines down on you. And I've talked about it with the cubs of two thousand sixteen. They were the best team in baseball. But didn't they need some good fortune? Of course, even good teams the best teams in their respective sports. Still need the ball bounce their direction. And I would say they had more than one occasion of of the events going their way when you had an opportunity to really kind of take another step towards victory with that alleyoop dunk. Oh, Johnny Dunkin's kid missed. And then the then Duke immediately took the ball down the court and hit a three. So it was a fine. What do you think dockings will think more about? Ms that that put back I thought that put back was rolling in a. Yeah. Just missed that. And then the alleyoop the alleyoop is is it's over right? If they make that alleyoop time there was still time. But you know, you're not back in transition. Reddish doesn't maybe get the look from three that he got you know, you're setting your defense a little bit better. I listen to chip in would have been a tremendously athletic play. But I would say that. I mean, at least in terms of agreed, quote, unquote, mistakes missed dunk alleyoop was was Huron want it deflect. It had deflated me. I was watching it looked like a perfect pass mishandled. It wasn't one. Yeah. I wasn't one cheering against Duke. Like you were asking earlier. Now, I have a bet with cap that Duke won't win took the field. He's got two. And then cap went ahead and pick Duke to get knocked out by Michigan state. I don't know. But. I thought that was weird. Like, he's got Virginia winning it all. But yet he bet you he took Duke over the field. Yes. But yet he didn't pick Duke is his title. That's the essence of Duke in the final against North Carolina North Carolina beating Duke in the final I wasn't cheering against too. I you know, what I subscribe to the your theory of more something more better more Duke in the NCAA tournament, more better. Well, I think more specifically. That's why I don't get. We could forty minutes of Zion. Here refer another game to just see what this piece can do. Well to dream a little bit more about getting him here in Chicago. Right. So if for whatever reason UCF was able to hold on Zion doesn't advance in. Due course, homes ion is connected to Duke. So for me, they're one in the same, right? So more Duke more better because of Zion. Plus, they get a chance to see RJ Barrett. More right. And Cam radish all through one of the three may be a bowl. That's right. You shouldn't be shocked. If one of the three turns out to be a bowl because radish will be lottery pick. He may go down to six or seven or wherever he goes. The bulls may tumble that far. Maybe the bulls finished with a top three pack, and then you've gotta decide John rant is r j Barrett. And that's why I was ruining for Murray state. I'd Murray state in the Sweet Sixteen and they were completely outclassed by Florida. Stay Florida state's athlete one through twelve or however, many guys in the middle to that are very tall and very athletic. Look Duke, Duke, squeezes SC gets by UCF seventy seven seventy six they shot forty percent from behind the arc which is better than what they normally shoots. Right. So I still feel that there's going to be a moment in his terminent where they don't shoot the three as well. Because the story with Duke all year has been they don't shoot the three. Well, they shot the three well and still almost got beat. So for me are better than they normally shoot it for me. I still I still think that there could be trouble ahead for them. They're gonna have a game where they don't shoot the three that. Well, and we'll see if they. Still come out on top the other breaking news that we just told you about ten minutes ago is it. It is official the bears and Packers will be opening the NFL season the opener for the banners and the Packers that's the opener for the NFL with a one hundred season for the bears. They're going away from the Super Bowl champion getting to host the first game. The bears will be the host of the first game on the lake front as we've been sort of thinking the way it's going to go Thursday night football Soldier Field. It's gonna be awesome. Can't wait for that. Or are you going to go to the game? We're on the air. I mean, I'm hoping we can if we're broadcasting from there. I would I mean that's going to be a tough ticket. But I would I would like to. Yes. Are you going to? I I don't know. I can't plan that far in advance. Gotta be broadcasting from the museum campus that day. Or from what's the? The scout. Let's let's let's get in the scout. My guess is. I'm going to have some television duties with ABC seven. So I probably won't be able to go to the game. So but. It would define game to go to house already backing. Lock already doesn't want to commit to something on a weeknight Jean grecko to stick at work comes first. And like, I said, my guess is to happen. Four win. You know, what maybe I'll just blow off the show to and just go to the game. Because work doesn't matter. Centennial Waddell, you're wearing you're an alumni a pullover. Listen, if we're going to get we're going to go that far and surprised Sylvia hasn't put in for the day off. That's true. It is a big football. You'll have time take. Do you do three one two three three two three seven seven six, and we got lots of baseball to talk. It's opening day week both cubs and the White Sox. Open up on Thursday. We played some Rick Hahn for you. And we'll talk plenty of baseball today with with a lot going on really with the cubs, maybe making some culture changes with recon accusing Twitter of botching some deals but back to the tournament. I got this tweet a lot when it's because I like a lot of bowls fans. I love college hoops. But what I love to do is scout the next big thing the next ball possible bowl. And then, you know, look at Zion and last year like everyone loved deter par tray with with all the exposure comes a lot of guys who wanna tear things down. And and you basically got zion's every move this year they even have Zion Cam right now. ESPN picked up like everyone in their game. Schulman was doing every one of his games with Bilas. But. A lot of people. Some people tweeted me saying jazz, a better fit Sylvie. And I even got a tweet saying that Josh's the better all around player, and like I have to take exception with that like John Moran. Yes, Kim distribute and he can help make your offense better. Like to me a point guard like John Mirant is gonna make not only your team better. But a guy like Lauri Markkanen better when people don't have to when you have to worry about a guy that good that athletic. Larry's going to get better looks all day long. But to say better all around. Let's start here that what's more all around in a two way player. I was gonna say Zion. Williamson is is an elite defensive player. Yes. He's elite and transition. He made another one of those those baseball passes one handed baseball passes in this win over UCF as well. I. Has the bounce pass? Yeah. I mean, it's I don't know how you can make that statement. I mean, if you take them and you evaluate them. I would tell you the Zion. Williamson is much better all around the John Moran. Josh Miranda good a defender is he is good. No. He's actually a really bad defense. So how can you say that John Marantz better overall player when Zion? Williamson is a difference maker on both ends Zion shot fifty percent from the field yesterday and their win and scored thirty two points and had eleven boards in their win over North Dakota state. He shot seventy five percent from the field scored twenty five points. Yeah. And and look he is handles have to get a little better. He's got shoot the three a little bit better. He he may be a little bit of a Twitter. But guys like this athletically, don't come around often what I would say to you is is. What what watching John Mirant did for me as a bulls fan is allow me to X Helen again, we're playing in the dream world right now K? So this is the disclaimer that if you didn't get the number one pick put you somehow found a way to get the number two pick while I would be disappointed because I'd prefer Zion. Williamson the the consolation prize of John Moran. How he fits with your team? I would not be upset. I'd be happy. I would rather have Zayn Williamson. But if the Chicago Bulls were able to secure the number two overall pick, and they used it on John Moran. I don't know where they're at. Maybe they would use it on our air. But they use it on John Mirant. I would be very happy as a bulls fan. Do you think it's a slam dunk me too? And I'm with you totally. I would throw a party at the bulls end up with the number two pick. Yes. I would be up a little bit upset that. It's not Zayat. But John Moran. I love. I I love the kid. We're watching a highlight right now of him. I mean, you've seen what this kid's been able to do in two short years from going really not on recruiting on recruited, Marie states. The only team that gave him a look then South Carolina got laid. He's played. A you wits ion at South Carolina. They're both from South Carolina to now. The kid did a lot of people are comparing to Russell Westbrook. Young Russell Westbrook. I would throw a party if I got number two. Throw a party every time. I do number two as well. Go ahead. I'm sorry. Our, but that's a lot. That's a lot of parties. You're right. But I wanna know with would we have ourselves a debate with R J versus Josh. Slam dunk t Derrick rose, and Michael Beasley back in the day. I don't think so I think I don't think. No..

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