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Of that because I don't. I don't like surgery. He said. You have arterial bleeding The blood splashing in the back of your throat. I couldn't see so I lost. I don't know what they tell me. 30%. Wow. 30% of all the blood of my bottles killed you. Almost Rick, I'll tell you what it changed. You know, you talk about changing things. Cold weather never used to bug me. I played in Cleveland, Man. I grew up here. But after that When it would get real cold. I mean, I would be freezing cold. I It took me and it was like this was like mid nineties, Probably. I was coaching at Nevada West. I'd literally had to sit in a folding chair. The coach. You know, when I first got home, it was all I could do to walk to the end of the driveway and get the mail. So it was. I mean, I know that stuff is real. So I'm not looking forward to doing this. I might I might not do. I certainly wouldn't do it with him. But that might not do the nasal thing. A funny polyps story. A funny polyps story for me because I had one on this was when I lived in California. And it was a big one. And it was affecting my breathing. I didn't even know I had it. So they looked up there in the document. Why you've got a You got up a polyp in your Sinuses he goes, We need to take it out so You know, it's you do it in the office. It wasn't like in a hospital or anything, And so we kind of numbs it up there and then they have this tool and they might have done this with you. This tool that goes in your nose and there's Lika. Loop on the end of it like a steel loop. Yes, that they put around the base of the polyp, squeeze it down, and then they pull it out. And so he's got this thing in my nose, and he's like His hands shake everything you and I can hear this leg. This tearing inside my nose, and he's like digging. He pulls and I think. Oh, my God, Paul. It was his biggest my thumb. And he goes. This is the biggest polyp I've ever seen. He goes. Hang on, He goes out and he shows his staff. You're Paula. Yeah, he goes. Look at this polyp. I just pulled out of his nose like, instantly breathe better. And he showed me because this is just like a big believable like a big booger, you know? Yeah, he had a big booger. How do you know so you can breathe a hell of a lot better right away. It made a huge difference in my You know, breathing After that, That's what you would do You do the nose. I'll be doing nose thing, Kathy said so many times in the air that your nose is fat and too big and she's made funny. Your nose all the time. Yeah, constantly. I don't know. I just really nice of her to do that to point out my flaws right when she says it with love what? What other what other Surgeries are available. I'm uh I'm just well for women. That boob job. No, we're both started talking about from that men. That's what it means. Baseless facelift. I never doing a face that I wouldn't either. Um Oh, yeah. Calf implants. Calf would never do that. I think I got good calves. Yeah, I think you guys are both. Okay in that category. Man, Man, boob reduction. They do that. I've been blessed. I'm I'm like I've always been flat chested. Be like in a cup. It's a blessing and a curse. Kind of I I. Yeah. I don't need that. Oh, you can do. Ah! Like a liposuction. Where they going? Where did they put it? Wherever you need it like your belly. You know, guys, probably belly. You could do that. No, I wouldn't do that, You know? Just do some sit ups. Right. You know, I think that's about it for guys. Um, from the 720949. My eyelids were interfering with vision. So not necessarily just cosmetic surgery. True. That happens, Yeah. 303589. Hopefully they don't take too much of a rise. Otherwise our eyes will not close. That's the risk. Brick and I are hoping that that is the case. Three hours 72143 of sevens Wild men, right, I think. Had it done on my lower lids. Remove the pouches under my eyes. Huh? You know that you know that it sometimes it looks like And it happens to guys allow that. Looks like they got punched right in the face. And they got that big. Yeah, Yeah, thing there. I have a pocket of blood. Yeah, and they can take that out. If it's bad enough, three all 3919. Hey, guys, my wife needs to get this done to rile edge. Do you know where Cathy's getting this procedure done? That's from EJ in park like I do know the doctor's name. I'm not sure if if he or she wants that out there, but I can check And let you know. They go, EJ? Yep. Three of 3465 the term for Kathie Lee's eye procedure. Is called too much money and you don't know what to do with it. What's a cat bit nasty? Yeah, I wouldn't say that I would need with Kathy wouldn't And by the way with Asian people, it's very common that Asians get to surgery. The hood ectomy? Yes, Is that what it's called? I don't know. It's sort of like million for me. And, um, there are docks that specialized in just doing Asian eyes because the Asian eyelid is different. Than Caucasians. Yes, I know. She went to. Ah, Doc, a while back. That is one of the best in the country. And he said, I don't do Asian. I don't to Asian eyes. He said. You got to go to a specialist for that. So that's what Wow where she found this guy who would have thought? Yeah. Who would've thought Dave Logan. Eric Lewis. Millennial Grant here is well, we're gonna have Peter King join us. A little bit later on in the show. Matter of fact, 10 06 less than an hour away. We'll talk some NFL football with Peter and lots more. Stephen Pueblo we say good morning to you and Kayla news radio. Oh, what a conversation is is when, when rich talking about getting his polyps taken out. The first thing that flashed in my mind was a member of Schwarzenegger in total recall when he pulled them that yes. E didn't remember that. Yeah. Did you get a picture of that? No, that's like it. This is before cell phones, man. I otherwise I would have got one. I got a mental picture of it. And it even shocked me like Wow, that was in my Sinus. Holy smokes. Have you seen like I got my I got my knee scoped. Then they gave you pictures of what your knee look like in the inside and of course. Uh, if you gave it to another guy, and they looked at it, and they said, what in God's name, am I looking at? Well, taking that a little bit further? Wait, you get your first colonoscopy and they give you a picture of that, then it's like I think we're totally out of control when it comes to Taking photographs of A certain type of operations..

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