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Like the number sixteen in the country and Matt just went crazy so what you know about the weekend is LSU beat Alabama and Minnesota beat Penn state and Penn state was the number four number five depending on which poll you're looking at team in the country and Minnesota was like thirteen or fifteen or weighed down in the teens right so they beat Penn state shouldn't they move up considerably move up if Penn state was a team and Ellis you I mean is shoot that much better than everybody else the Alabama only because the number for are they really I mean so L. issues like let's put Ellis you on the field against the Browns and see what happens because if they're really that good you know they should be able to go all right well again you play now you want but that's what makes college football so fun we get the update on the C. F. P. a later but we know poll wise coaches in a P. Buckeyes rip the number two and they are fifty one point favorites over Rutgers this week it's funny too because the over under fifty six people in Vegas are like yeah Buckeyes gonna roll and records isn't going to score and what do you think about that so gonna be another great week a Buckeye conversation will continue with our day mezzo joins come up here at seven forty three on newsradio six ten W. T. V. N. so what Tony Alva Tom Yanis interview David Lang for his son several the kin they were slated injured in last week's ambush attack in Mexico David Langford young man he's been called a hero because he walked literally models to get help walked miles I know that a cluster of people they're thinking about relocating they don't think Mexico was their place any longer clashes between Hong Kong police and protesters turning deadly yesterday student activist shot in the torso by an officer in critical condition today person to believed to be a pro China protester also in critical condition after being set on fire news conference Hong Kong chief executive carillon called for common we're both sides of violence is not the solution long refused to satisfy the writers saying that it would it bring more violence president trump in New York City today he'll be delivering remarks at the New York City veterans day parade V. P. pence will lay a wreath and make remarks at the Memorial Day services at Arlington National Cemetery we had a blast of arctic air moving east across the central states already now dumping snow in the northern plains up to half a foot of snow could slow Monday morning commutes across the Midwest while seasons cold stares stretch to the Gulf coast all the way from Maine to the Gulf coast is serious cold air of this morning as we roll and we know a ran begun pouring concrete for a second nuclear reactor it's at a key nuclear power plant about four hundred forty miles south of Tehran they started that yesterday around points to the facility as its reason to break the enrichment limit set by its unraveling twenty fifteen nuclear deal with world powers so a lot of international pressure and focus on that this morning going to talk a little politics coming up you got Bloomberg trying to jump in the race Democrats are pushing back on that like we don't need another rich guy in the White House so gill a land on that coming up first traffic and weather we update every ten minutes on the tens it's from ten star heating and cooling products are still running fairly light into and through downtown in.

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