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Chose to make her money and build her career working for law firms that defended cigarette companies, but not just working for law firms at defended cigarette companies being a point person on the defenses of those cigarette companies, and I view her look if you buy that she's progressive, I don't, and I think that she's doing this progressive re band and the Liz warned joke from Saturday Night Live was dead on last night where she's essentially stealing. Liz warns brand and re appropriating I saw. Her on state of the union, Jake tapper age, she was using fight as a verb all over the place, which is Liz warrants were damaged give it back to her. No. But I look at someone who said, you know, I'll make even more money if I defend cigarette companies, even though I know what cigarettes, aren't and know what they're about. And I know that they're bad. And I know that that this company is in the wrong. She was willing to swallow that pill and do that. And then when she was initially running as a congresswoman in two thousand eight she was talking about how her very conservative values as she talked about radical Islamic extremism and terrorism in LGBTQ stuff, she she has a very very conservative background and then last, but not least she's also like a member of the national prayer breakfast. And a lot of these politicians are, but but I'll do a larger thing on this. I think people need to know more about the national prayer breakfast. And just what a strange organiser. Nation. It is that organize a national prayer breakfast. And the people were associated with that. If you're a progressive, these are not your friends, so Sean what are your thoughts? Gillibrand beyond kind of what we've said before. So I'll just say I used to think of gillibrand is maybe some like third way like Hillary Clinton like could possibly appease, everyone sort of middle ground option that at the same time wouldn't be carrying Hillary Clinton's baggage of being obviously on likeable and not good at interfacing with the public. So I thought that that's kind of the role she'd occupying might play like a fairly big role in these primaries. I just think the problem for her is this is a purely primary to start with Democrats are really not in the mood for stylish candidates right now. I think that Joe Biden is probably the only candidate that could really do any damage in this elect, a rude awakening. I also think so too. And I just think that the idea that this is an election where you're going to be able to win from the third way and not from being I'm going to be as openly progressive as possible. I would even go so far to say that if you are white in this election, and you're not named Elizabeth Warren, Jill Biden, you probably have a huge uphill battle to begin with. Because there's just so many other candidates that you're going to be able to choose that are going to be able to get you access to turn out demographics that you're going to have more people from those demographics interested in voting for these people that I think that gillibrand as sort of this middle ground that satisfies everyone is tough sell especially when yes, she has actual baggage going back in her career the thing with the cigarettes. I think that that'd be worse. That would be better for her. If she was just on the team, the fact that she actually is a point person. Can you can go back and you find actual statements by her is going to hurt her a lot more than if it was the other way around, and I guess the final thing, I'll just. Just say is just as a warning to the rest of us for all time. I'm going to just stop. I've never been very kind to them in the past. But I'm going to start with the assumption that I don't trust any democrat that makes it out of the New York political system because automatic creature of wall straight. Yeah. I mean, it's really rare. I were that the machine politics stink eventually gets on you with at least right now, the exception of Cossio Cortez, but does a quick side of this. I saw her comment from the women's March. She was asked pointblank, what do you think about this controversy involving any involving anti semitism inside of the women's March? And she gave a non sequitur answer..

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