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So again we'll probably have to do I'm thinking this story is going to get bigger as the day goes along because people are gonna start freaking out about this because people there are a lot of people that were stationed at Fort Bragg Fort Hood and all these places that they spent their time in the military and they're not gonna want that change okay say it say fort Schwarzkopf five times fast Howard Schwarzkopf I don't know that's what I was going to say no way No Way Out it's a it's a trap it's it is a trap thank you Dave but but here's the thing our news cycle is so short lived peace be a twenty four hour news cycle which was super duper short now it's like a six hour how how many how many hours are you thing how many hours away from and Mandy Bashir's press conference that's it's ain't what I say I'm just said main who have slipped what we were four hours away just four hours from now he'll say something stupid and we'll all be on that right so just a guess yup all right so I found this list also that we did a couple of months ago that I think applies today which is involved the what we miss doing because this list was a little reddit list of if you live in low level here's the bucket list that you have to do if you live in low level okay so so this is the stuff so these are the stuff that we've been missing that when we get back out we all should probably try to accomplish the entire list okay are you ready I wonder how many of these we have done the ones you we weigh in okay we'll complete or at least attempt the band B. walk yes yes that's that's definitely is that even physically possible yes No attempted yes no no no it's a possible cause week David I have friends that have accomplished it okay I I'm attempted it having one beer starting with the baby barn road and going all the way to what was Phoenix hill tavern out having a beer any every Friday stab was spent in one night right in one night and urinating on Britos as big as your head half hi the action on all of the restaurant I got to go I get by Bruce is still around I took the wife the other day I was I got to get a burritos because my head yet for that let us take Dave with you all know that that's a good amount of business was food his biggest okay eat a hot brown yes yes of course we know that he did a hot brown on the Arlington time out so David I haven't had a hot brown too cheesy another fan so delicious so delicious during my honeymoon I experienced a hot brown and we also experienced something called the Chinese Halloween yeah my it's my wife did those kids don't don't Google no not the item out but I don't know if that second one is I'd I'd or the first one for that matter well hot brown I didn't get it like okay that's what you're here until Jan one learn that in Cleveland did you yeah K. teas which isn't around anymore it which I found out the other day would stood for Kentucky tavern really know what Katie stood for to like the other day but they used to do the hop around but they would take those croissants that they served with the salad they have little honey on top of it that was the bread part of the hot brown achates knows like all of our goal I think that's a bastardization of hot but it was a hell of a bastardization and he's be a thick piece of brexit next thing on the list the reddit list that says you have to do if you live in local swim at lakeside have never done that ever done that no it wouldn't they would not let us in and once they saw your cut off Jean shorts on trucks there's no way to let you in you bring a cooler of beer in there I don't think so okay not going to attend the derby infield the yep yes yes it gets thrown out of Shays on Baxter Avenue nope never been tossed yeah I've got three of TK's pub got thrown out they still got front row center I'm not for lack of a lot of places but never shades but in my defense I never really went chaise okay is being asked to leave and thrown out the same thing no I don't know it could be I was physically grabbed on everyone of mine they're the same but it's like step one and step two if you choose not to follow step one then they go right to to you I've had plenty of the first step will you please leave off pay my tab no no no no we got it just please leave just please leave them just go away yeah no kidding live on big rock done what is big rock I've never heard of south a large rock oh really boy that's but is that most our keep you continue from Seneca park zoo staff here he there is a bluegrass a pair grassroots creek goes through there's a giant rock ball you can look up in history books it's it's big people been jumping off and swimming in that in that little creek for hundreds of years and that's what we used to do is go and sit on the big rock I'm sorry thank god it wasn't near you so you don't know put me down for a no on standing on a rock no I've never stood on a rock now case slide that will both of y'all are missing out I didn't know about it okay well I'll show you where it is yes show me your big rock slide down dog hill we've all done that you it's letting a dog hill right nope we always let it air quarry park okay on the golf course and really aggravated where is dog hill dog hill is just down the street from a big rock I'm guessing general home and it's that big gigantic killed that we used to do like concerts at the bottom of it in Cherokee park frisbee field is where we used to park it and walk through do you know what to talk about it over the big rock in the half you guys posted about six miles from the old Sears building there you go I've done all these except for swim at lakeside you all suck and the last one is use your blinker at least eighty percent of the time I quit using it just to fit in so for people that have been wondering all we came we took things get back to normal that's a list of what normal is an unlawful so okay so Chris Cuomo he's got his own C. in the east the CNN show the you may or may not watch I don't watch it I rather watch you something these dumb as my mind down like the officers right writer documentary and big rock yeah.

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