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The two candidates for overreaction second day the highest overreaction to opening day results. One. If the Yankees lose to the Orioles and struggles did evening last year. The papers New York will go absolutely crazy because the Orioles are God awful and the second. I think candidate the Red Sox if their bullpen has an issue and they lose the game to Seattle. That's one you're going to see a lot of the writers going on. What do you think? Yeah. I think definitely I think those are storylines that we've already seen, but you know, the those Yankees fans and whoever else should remember that they did not start too. Well last year and look how great of a season they had. But I agree. I think that those are the markets and everything for those kinds of overreactions. But you know, I'm interested to see what the reaction to Bryce Harper is if you were to go over four, I mean, we know what happened last year with Abe Kappler that teams in a different spot now. But this is a home game. He's facing Tehran who he? Ashes against so if he were to go for four which happens, by the way, plenty and could happen on July third, and it would be less of a big deal. We'll see what happens there. And and if he goes over four with three punch outs, and they lose he gets booed. He here's his first booze in Philly. I think just tradition. Yes. Yeah. Opening day. It's like Christmas, right? There's lots of lots of things involved there. Open. All right. Sarah, thanks for doing this. And I'll talk to you next week. Thanks for having me investor. So Mendoza lie with Sunday night. Baseball's Jessica and does. Just as you, and I are talking run the in the visiting dugout at T mobile field. We have to get that right to mobile. Of course. Right. Exactly. But you got earlier today day before opening day you spend time on a tower with Jackie Bradley, jR. Oh my gosh. So we took off at like eight AM when I what were you doing on a private jet? We were doing volcano tour. And so it was just Jackie Bradley, jR, myself and the Red Sox production team, and we got to go see mount rainier and mount Saint Helens and it was like a two hour tour flying. It was a beautiful morning to BUSTER like to be able to see the clarity of mount rainier. I mean going to school in the Pac twelve and playing it you dub and always having that as a backdrop I've always wanted to go up close. But to be honest like mount Saint Helen's, I think was the one where flying over it. And it was cool sitting there next to Jackie, and he was like a ten year old dislike looking on my gosh. This wants to blown-up so crazy look like this beyond giant massive hole in the top of it. And of course, like history both of us like learning as much as possible about both of the mountains and. Kind of picturing what it would have been like. But anyway, it's just cool to see. I love it. And I was even talking to the production team to humanize these guys and seeing them like I mentioned Jackie being almost like a ten year old and wanting to go to Seattle and see what there is to see here. Yes. Since opening day. And yes, the Red Sox won the championship in his brain. He's like what he wanted to go. See orca whales. I that got shot down because it's like a six hour day. But to be able to go on this volcano tour, and I know he's going to be doing a couple of other things while he's here, museums and aviation place..

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