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Banter these book better sponsor is what kind of car does a low level demon drive in imp allah impala chevy impala boy okay so reading a book number two of the myth adventures by robert lynn aspirin yes the last name of this person is aspirin o k misconceptions is the title of the book yeah if you listen to my last shitty episode i think this one's coming up butter just you know let's throw that out right now i talked of the first book of the series of the second i think there's like nine ten bucks i think what i decided to do is a read the first three so just so you know next episode of the third one and then i'm gonna take a break because i do enjoy them and their short they're easy reads what i think i'll do sort of every once in a while come back and maybe read another three because although they all take place in the same world with the same characters seemingly at least do so far they are sort of fairly easily stand alone oh novels so in the first book we learned of this the magician apprentice guy by the name of skeeve interesting name and how he sort of lost to magician that was a practicing him if that is a work and how a demon is now practicing in again may not be a word apprentice ing sort of the build up of their dynamic and the sort of the rules of this world's in magic and such and it was interesting in this one they decide that a real cushy job for people in their line of work is like court magician so there's there's a land in which a court magician is needed and apparently they're holding tryouts so it's all sort of the build up for that with the as the name of the demon a h said sort of with the promise of oh yeah you really want to get this job as a real cushy job once you have it you just every once in a while come up twiddle your fingers abet to a little easy magic and you to sit back and let the money roll in so they got the job and because this is a buck and if that was what happened after they got the job who wouldn't be very interesting what actually happens is we learn this kingdom is a bit to be overrun by the largest army that has ever been gathered in the history of the world period full stop and they've been hired to stop said army one magician versus the world's largest army that also actually has a magician's working for it i don't know how they thought that was gonna work but spoiler alerts eventually it does work and they do manage to kinda sorta kinda sorta stop the army the first step is to gather a team oh you know what i and i've mentioned this more often in surely movie to comey shirley in movie monologues where l i love the sequences of gathering gathering teams it's usually it usually comes in the form of gathering teams for heist but the just just the thing of gathered teams i love so they do that in this and it comes in the form of traveling to this different plane i guess it would be it's a bizarre not as end it's it's really weird although it is but as in like a like a flea markets let's put it that way they traveled to magical demon run flea markets and end up who they get so they've got to skeeve ask of course this the trolled girl assassin troll girl assassin who's like super sexy apparently yep apparently in this universe trolls trolls male trolls are just.

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