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Our highest rated show from the top of the season until twelve days. Yes. And then what's amazing is over the course of the years that we've been doing the show you have fallen more deeply in love with the Halloween show every year. It's allies. No, no, no. I'm going to say I'm going to say you may not want to admit it, but you you like it more than you used to? Well, that's not saying much well by saying, I like it more than I used to. But now I mean, it's it's sometimes it's funny and sometimes it's it's, yeah, it's fun. It's fine. I can tell you having with very funny. Yeah, like the writers try to surprise you in the morning. That is my favorite part of the day somehow that has to be that's never been for sixteen years. Let me explain what happens in our morning meeting for the last sixteen years. Kevin orchestrates all the writers to dress up and they come into our meeting. None of us know what they're going to be dressed up. Usually in the fem- in. This show on the show Ellen and but it's never reported. No one gets for my birthday in for Halloween. All the writers come in and do something for me. And it's obviously because their comedy writers, they're hilarious and the costumes are very creative. Sometimes we can't air the things. Sometimes we do pretty much never. With your gift with Porsche, every bursary we're already struggling like, what are we gonna do this year? We have no idea because all of our best ideas, we've done one idea, but we'll see. Yeah, I don't know. Ahead do you do you plan that apple now? Usually three weeks out, but he always downplays it like if we ask him about it, he's like, I don't know. We have no idea what he's going to do until he walks into the room. I know they're good when they make me nervous and like Melissa, he goes home and he makes the costumes. Here's my question. When you're out, obviously in public, you get a lot of people approaching you because you're Ellen Degeneres. Are you getting a lot of feedback about the podcast. When you out there, what? What? What are you hearing? Yeah, the buzz is an enormous saying, what is it what right now? I know it was number five. Where are we right now in the podcast. Here number one, but we just crossed over five hundred thousand. Five hundred thousand people have the potential to to listen to the podcast every week, and now it's not that they do. And now that they know you're a regular part now that they know that you're gonna hear every week. I'll be here every week and dress up. Today. Yeah, yeah, thank you. Yeah, very low. Thank you. These are killing my feet most. Yeah, most people dress up like that for a show and then change into normal close after yet. I wear. I wear pants suit on the show. And then when I changed to to drive home, I'm in a either a gown or a short cocktail dress. So you like to drive in a he'll surprised pump is the best way to drive is a is in a pump. And that way, if I'm speeding. Yeah, just a pump and a two. Leading, I can. I can get out of it that way. That's why don't. Yep. I'm getting attacks. Go ahead. Yes, is blowing up. He's probably for Mandy. I just texted her. Stop talking so much. It's more about me here. Picking out presents is hard, and this is Kevin from Ellen on the go. It's important to support artists in developing countries. You can do good globally by shopping globe in a virtual international marketplace of handmade pieces, including blankets, jewelry, baskets, and pottery..

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