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Old company so think about all of those generations of families that had acts of the benefit it economically because the dad work done that truck to thirty of forty years of the mom worked at you know in that officer on the truck it you pierre's and to now know that we would do is something so important where they would be liquid really and wealth creation for all of those families that had worked there for all of those years that was that was pretty empowering to think that there was a multiplier effect amount of getting that right for all of those families in all the descendants of those families you have said that you feel a responsibility a personal responsibility to positively impact those who had not had interactions with in your words quote people like you that's right where that we that means we are all a function of our experience no matter who we are so if someone has an encounter with me and they have never had an encounter with african american one of the four i want that to be a very positive experience so that the next time they see someone who looks like made hopefully there's a handle affect hopefully they approach that person with expectations but that's going to be a good interaction because of interacts that they have with me so i don't take any of my interactions with anybody lightly so when did you stumbled the most along this path and no fan had quite a pass it's family and now it's that you know one of the highest if not the highest ranking woman there where were year or whatever the moments it trip you up the most yes the moments that trip me at the most where they're early on when i really as i said earlier did not have the pros so you know the first few assignments when i was working as hard as i could delivering on what i thought i should deliver on i certainly had some folks that i worked with that were making me feel less than our that are couldn't get it right and at one point i will tell you that my confidence was so busted at of us said to me your name is carla harris i would est i sure i and at the end of the day i treasured that experience because it was out of that experience that i started to realize what a minute something's wrong here wait let me look at the data the day that is a magna cum lotta from harvard second year.

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