Darren Baker, World Series, Lakers discussed on The Right Time with Bomani Jones - Hour 3 : 6/14/17


Are we got the major league baseball draft going on and it was the particular player that the piqued my interested a today in 2007 round of general by the name of darren baker was selected and if that name is not familiar that is dusty baker son and that's the same little boy back in two thousand two world series who was the bat boy any almost got run over j t snow ably was scooped him up so he able money we oh we owe bro we all we ole we old like a he was so tiny had little at a dora boll and now apparently is a quasi i grown man who knew all right moving on right now seems loath a foregone conclusion at landzo balls would be taken by the lakers but like you still gotta do their due diligence in a worked out prospects josh johnson a n d erin foxy they they worked out for the lakers the realistically there any shot the legacy anybody but lingerie totally i mean look there's there's a lot here with people saying that the lakers are really thinking about taken josh jackson outta i i think the fox might be the mujber fox is not a great shooters legacy than going away from that but i wouldn't be surprised if they went with josh act like i'm not as sold alonzo with other people right last in dumb certainly not lease minor league baseball they gotta do all these wacky promotions right they got they got it gets you in there and you've got to have fun because they can't just sell the product on the field right after be all the other ansa larry things so we go out to the jacksonville jumbo shrimp who are having a father's day promotion that includes giving out pregnancy tests why in the events being called you might be the father's day.

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