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President Lyndon B. Johnson owned a water surfing car. Whoa! That's cool. Lyndon B. Johnson would surprise guests at his Texas ranch by driving down the hill in his AMFA car, claiming the brakes had gone out. And once they hit the lake there, panic would subside when they realized the car had been designed to function on water Duck tour. Oh, now you can see those cars at the Boathouse restaurant at Walt Disney World. Bea Arthur suffers from this next fun fact Cheer a phobia is the word for the irrational fear of being happy. Oh, share. A phobia is actually not cheer share a phobia. Oh, yeah, it comes from the Greek word, Shero. Which means to rejoice that said, to not be able to feel that well, you know, that's why we take special care. Bea Arthur Fun fact. You can hear a blue whale's heart beat from two miles away. Go, Uh go get thank you. Oh, you'll love this one fun fact. Nearly 30,000 rubber ducks were lost at sea in 1992 and are still being discovered today. How do you lose all those rubber duckies? 25 years ago, A cargo ship traveling from Hong Kong to the US accidentally lost a shipping crate in the Pacific Ocean. Inside the crate were nearly 30,000 rubber ducks. Unwittingly.

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