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Com slash federal 5 O 8 slower clock trains Call Michael and son and get $100 off I trained cleaning today Today dill dine in the traffic center Laurel Ford made Maryland route one 98 still closed at points between route 32 and the VW park where you just heard John dolman detailing the bus crash The other vehicles he said being toned off the highway as well but one 98 still blocked near bald eagle drive and between route 32 and two 95 more traffic on the BW Parkway and 95 to a lesser extent northbound between the one 98 32 X that's route 29 northbound before 32 The remnants of a crash crowding the right side Heavy on the beltway very slow this afternoon on the outer loop from Silver Spring of Bethesda into Virginia It all started with a broken down truck and then someone broke down to the legion bridge in a car Everything is clear And all other mishaps are on shoulders but we never got a chance to recover on the outer loop Elsewhere on the belt way more routine delays except in Virginia on the interloop moving out of Alexandria towards Springfield For a little bit anyway for a minute or two beyond the Eisenhower avenue connector police are going to be stopped with one in the right lane but trying to get that onto a shoulder Route 28 northbound heavy and slow from the two 67 dulles toll road towards 6 O 6 callers finding the crash before authorities And at the time the crash blocking the left lanes on 28 northbound 66 it's heavy westbound near the beltway and toward one broken down behind fair lakes And that vehicle should be getting moved off into the work area soon Otherwise not terrible on 66 but certainly slow in westbound stretches Quicker and safer travel is coming to I 66 though to do this the left eastbound lane from university boulevard to route 29 in centerville we closed June 14th through the 19th more a transform 66 dot org I'm Dave dillin WTO traffic All right we've got a lot of sunshine out there Things are getting better Ryan Miller Nice little shower or possibly a rumble of thunder through the early evening hours partly sunny Temperatures falling into the.

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