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Your angry raging. You're you want your sick of being home stern on move in. Just that's the movie to do. It hate the movie but now you're watching children's movies you become a different person hopefully for the better which have your twins Ella alexander is most like you. Alexander looks exactly. Like i did. When i was a kid i mean i have pictures of him He and i at the same age and it's really shocking. So he's you know. I both of them are doing pranks already. Which makes me happy makes me happier there. Watching my son but natella into his diaper and pretend that he's gupte himself and then Rate now just makes me roy in the plowed any stuff from you. You didn't have to encourage him. he just did. I taught him know. That's not thought you know those those are these are very elaborate schemes. This is not some three year old. Come to this is the stakes. Somebody was real for five year. Old brain is advanced already. So what is your daughter. A more like a mile is that what's going on here until no no. They're they're both like a mall in the fact that they're incredibly intelligent they're really smart kids and So in that way. I think you know didn't get that from the old man and But yeah i mean th. they're funny. They're very different. I think the one thing. That's a real lesson. Parenting is that you know you can do it with twins because it's apples to apples. You know and you look at them you go. They are completely different people and they've been raised by the barents at the same time and And so you really realize that. They're kind of born with what they are they are and then you try to guide them through life and best way beyond. What is life like for you now in quarantine. Where'd you know you. And i are both as active people. I know and you do what you do. I mean you could do. You could finish midnight sky in your screening room editing room and doing it but you're an activist is as well you know you do. Think she's a human rights lawyer deal with this through zoom. Well it's not as easy. Obviously there's not that we don't have the outreach we do you can't do the fundraising that we do. And there's a lot of those kinds of things but You know if you think about it in terms of what the world is going through right now You know we have our health. We have a home. i. I'm not a i don't have to worry about putting food on the table. You know. we're incredibly fortunate position. And so i. I look at it as there's a lot of difficult things for all of us for us personally. I miss my parents and miss being with my mom and dad and you can't see them this time you can zoom with a. But they don't really dig the all about all the technology and you know their version. Zoom is like. I would look like this and they'd be like hi. How are ya you tell your parents zoom. They want to say where i don't see ya. Where are you miss. I miss them. And i am all misses her family. And all all of those things but you know this is the position. We're in there some light at the end of the tunnel. Were gonna get through this together..

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