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Mircea even fluffier. Mercie goes right from like rally vomiting and goes right up to Brad. And just plants a big Smacker on them. She goes I have a gift for you and gives him a Dorito and then kisses him and I was like. Truly is the most disgusting thing I can imagine is someone who is just blown chunks with the unbrushed. Yeah Dorito breath feeding me a Dorito and then giving me a tongue kiss and Brett loves a he loves it. He likes like a hint of bomb in his make out like something else there that I knew tasted kind of familiar. I was like, Like he's not even mad at it or or even disgusted like he's like goddamn it was kind of turned on then Brett just randomly chooses Beverly Goldberg and my techs are into another room and Beverly's like yeah. I'm a poison head. I was at the concert with my old boy my old husband former husband were not married anymore and they you know, they they start like flirting and hitting it off and she's like, you know, you were always on my husband's like I get a hall-pass list was like I would get to fuck you. If I ever met you down like goddamn it turns me on this most romantic thing anyone's ever said to me and then she goes, well you in Edward Norton after American History X off I was like wait like Beverly. Yeah, I was like Bev are you Beverly's like is Beverly like a white supremacist? I don't know. I mean, like look, let's be honest Edward Norton is hot. Oh, he's definitely hot. But like I think he was hot like in that movie, but that's you don't then admit that like off the version of him and American History X is also on your like free breathless. Yeah. I was concerned. This is wild times and then Brett clearly hates that young man was on the free pass list so you can see him like instantly recoil. Yeah, and then she goes well, but then he was only on for a little bit and then it was you and then Brett goes take that at Norton and you know that he actually means it. Well he's also like as we've discussed in previous episodes The Wheels start turning and he's like somehow this makes me gay. Yeah, like just hearing like, you know what I mean like wage He he'll he'll find some convoluted way to be like this is going to make me look at this is gay to me also if you're on someone's home, that'd be like someone saying to you carry being like, you know, you're on my free pass list and so was Hitler like if you're if you're also on the fact I know as like a white supremacist, even if they're acting like one, you should maybe question like what you're bringing to the table. Yeah, I would be like, what does it say about me and my correct her and like my choices leading up to this point? Yeah, but Brett is like just as long as I'm not gay and I think this is gay. Yeah Brittany corn bread in the hallway while he's talking to some women and she like just starts like kind of Demanding attention. She monologues him. She looks him and he's like very much.

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