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And without actually consciously realising what he's saying to john right he's as being a bitter asshole it turns out that that's the stuff john needs right here there is a happy coincidence okay moving on to some some actual feedback we got we got a from a medical perspective in an acting methodologies perspective up dr brent be the dentist the it is a did is he acting lies a dentist now we have to separate feedback or okay but he's going to cover the dental perspective regarding previous emails about john slack dog job this arrest mandible assumes habitual position would not involved in some type of movement several milimetres separate the clues jules services of the teeth has called freeway space bizarrely and upper jawbones rest lightly on the pa steer your slope of the articulation imminence of the max ilya proper or posture arrest means the tons that the river the mouth teeth a slightly apart and the lips her together without strain got freeway space okay good i think i do it normally as he i think so too okay and it's funny because that's something i've always wondered about myself and now i've worked i've put myself position where i can i can put this question at one hundred thousand people and the one the dentist bites in it's awesome openmouth breathing when it here's the here's the crucial thing using the mouth the breathe arrest can lead the pathologies such as ginger vied a sore throat and bad breath leads the fall around openmouth breathing however win at rest not exercising is a sign of fatigue a level of sedation or a pathological conditions such as upper respiratory infection and his opinion its most likely the actors are just tired and have a tendency to mouth breathing fatigued.

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