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The eastbound side of the two ten at San demus Avenue was going to crash your semi in a stand off to the right shoulder you find some debris there as well so be careful heading eastbound into sandy miss you export to fifteen for Travelport's more often contract can extensively news ready southern California weather forecast sunshine today temperatures still slightly below average for this time of year but comfortable non the less lower seventies at the beaches upper seventies for inland areas eighties in the valley hot spots were working overnight lows mostly in the sixties tomorrow much the same as today morning clouds and fog clearing to the coast by the afternoon seventies and eighties for highs will tell you more about tomorrow Sunday and how things are shaping up for the next few days your exclusive five day weather forecast coming up in just a few minutes that's a to fifteen some temperatures right they'll Woodland Hills eighty eight degrees with eighty three in Burbank currently sunshine seventy five downtown Los Angeles at two oh seven as California's corona virus numbers are spiking again school districts are scrambling to decide what to do about the upcoming school year many parents are wondering if their kids can safely return to school come August and September but state superintendent Tony Thurman is not sure whether students will physically be back in the classrooms but as he told CNN this morning he's monitoring the new numbers will be ready for either scenario in person or staying in distance learning with help from our governor we've already sent the personal protective equipment so all of our ten thousand schools to be ready to be open we're talking about fourteen million cloth mass you know you know two point four million sheet based coverage shields for teachers Thurman also says he's having California schools measure how much physical space they have that could allow physical distancing among students if they go back to campus he says he's looking at.

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