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Now, Here's Greg Papa and all right. T rack that you do have a USC Trojan playing quarterback Sam Darnold number three overall pick and the Jets actually traded up from 6 to 32 Take him. I said Cem Cem injuries the foot injury the mono last year. It's interesting. He started the same amount of games is Jimmy Garoppolo on dollar Jimmy's 29. He's 23 years of age is very young, he said. Some really big games and then he said, some poor games. What do you see from? Well, I I think there's a huge year for him. Obviously, you're number three, and they're going to have to figure out in the next 18 months. Whether or not he's their guy on and a big part of that is how he and for the future as That franchise quarterback and a big part of it is certainly how he plays this year in terms of the wins and losses. Look, he is a gun slinger. He has got all the arm talent. Everybody remembers it from USC. That probably haven't gotten to see a lot of the Jets. You mentioned his injury. You mentioned the mono and now he's got all its new players all the way around them. I mean, there was a concerted effort to build the offensive line in front of him, which was a challenge last year. And a concerted effort to get him play makers in At the wide receiver position. So four of those five offensive lineman or knew the exception of the left guard. Alex loses a pretty good player. They play without it, too. One thing about those jets they do play with attitude up front on the offensive line. But then you look at the playmakers and they're depleted. I mean, he's got nine new guys around him on the football field today, when you look at it, the starters versus last year, their top three Russians, they're gone. They're top receivers or gone with Jamison Crowder being out, so he's gonna have his hands full. There's going to be a lot of pressure on him. He gets happy feet. He doesn't like pressure, especially a quick pressure. He is out to the left quicker than a hiccup. So I think a big part of me likes to step up and then squeeze out the side door. So gut pressure up the middle. I think he heat him up early. Don't let him get confidence. A guy like that gets confidence. And if you play a lot often soft, kind of like they did last week against Arizona, given those pitching catches on the stop routes and the comebacks Sam Darnold can do that stuff all day and asleep. So get him press in early and he'll try to squeeze it into tight windows, and he'll serve a few up. All right, Let's go to our stringer from New York Rich Cimini. No. That was years ago. Now in his judgment covering the chats forever, starting with news Day, and I work for ESPN, New York, I mean, why I asked him about the Jetsquarterback, the young quarterback Sam Darnold, who we saw a lot, obviously USC and that Great Rose Bowl head against Penn State, and I was really high autumn coming out, but he's he said illness Mano to begin last year, and he said injury along the way and He's had some good moments, and he said some not good moments, and he missed him throws in the opener last week in Orchard Park Ridge. Just how would you assess Sam Darnold? What does he play 27 games two years and one game into his career? Yeah, 27 starts 16 kind of toward the bottom and most of the statistical categories. This guy. I mean, he's only 23 years old. First of all, hard to believe that Joe Burrow is actually older than Donald being a lookie quarterback. Our darling was really young when he came out. And so inconsistent. So, you know, last week it was a bad game. No one tried to sugar coat it. I mean, he knew he played in that game. It was a decision making last week, he just seemed rattled. Everything was moving fast for him. His feet were moving fast. His accuracy he was off just seemed You know, nervous? You know, there was no reason to be nervous, and he's done this before. And so this is a big week for him. You know, it will be at home. Not that anyone will see it. But you know, there won't be any fans at that life. But It's a big week for him. I think this is probably the most criticism he faced the last few days than at any point since he's been the starting quarterback. So he's on the hot seat, too. Just like that game they were, Tim Ryan said moments ago when we come back, it is our Tim Ryan Schock talk as you get you ready for the 40 Niners in New Jersey to take on the New York Jets today, that's coming up next right here on the U. S Bank 40 Niners radio network.

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