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Live in palm beach county not broward and they are outside of his harms guarding him um and he has not given any kind of a statement the sheriff said that the only thing you said to him you know was he tendered his resignation because the sheriff was asked did he say why didn't go in and he never said why he did not go in time for that question was asked by jake tapper sheriff israel and he said no he doesn't know why peterson do not going to save the lives he was sworn to do correct and if he were told that they were a protocol from khleifat you'd have to stand down arrives because that's what really happened at the fault nightclub in orlando they waited hours to go in different circumstances but you have an active shooter i and then they waited for swat and then they and finally breached the building with this you know huge uh you know like i almost the tank so i don't know if they're waiting for swat or what they were waiting for but it they definitely did not go in right away is this political as i understand it sure scott israel is the democrat and 74 republican lawmakers has called for his expansion in uh in florida the governor has the power scott scott rick scott got the power under the constitution to suspend the sheriff but has got to be for something like a dereliction of duty something in that character but is this political bureau on the ground at you're there is this republican versus democrat now in britain letters calling for suspension you've got representative bill hager he's a republican out of boca man you've got uh richard corcoran who is a republican and the other 73 who signed the letter are all republicans so and then sheriff is a democrat he's elected he told me tonight when i talk to them he said i will not resign and i will wait when i'm up for reelection in two years and let the voters decide how they think i handled best so it does definitely look like a political situation at this time and remember the governor's republican as well the sense of the community there in and around up broward county in around west palm in around northern dade county is there a sense that law enforcement whether it's the broward county sheriff or the.

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