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Dot com today. 10 48 Rita Kessler in the traffic center right now, if you're travelling on the Beltway things looking good, both on the inner and outer loop around the area, But if you're on the Bay Bridge, the westbound span of the bridge the left lane of three is blocked with the work, not really causing the delay. Eastbound. Both of your lanes are open. You're also going to find on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge traffic alter dates across the bridge. So expect the delays on 301, depending on which side of the roadway is stopped. Eastbound. I 70 near Maryland, 56 in big pool. Laughter. Exit 12. He crashed on the right side. But they have been stopping traffic temporarily to move some things around. So you're either going to be stopped or moving very slowly. North bound Baltimore Washington Parkway from 1 97 to 1. 75 is where you'll find the mobile street sweeping crew along the right side. If you're in the district inbound New York Avenue on the Anacostia River, the work in the right lane Main Avenue near the Southeast Southwest Freeway had been the scene of a wreck. And we had an earlier reckon Southeast Benning Road near Sea Street Watch for anything left over there now in Virginia. On 66 eastbound still some volume between 1 23 and Nightly Street inside the Beltway after Washington Boulevard. It's a single left lane getting by the work today, North bound 95. Everything by the Dale City Rest area should be clear no longer even a delay. That was an earlier wreck and north bound 3 95 slugs from one in crystal City, trying to get onto the inbound 14th Street bridge before the bridge. The left lane is blocked with the work Seminary road in North Beauregard Street under police direction for the crash. I'm ready Kessler w T o p. Traffic. Let's go live down a storm Team four's Lauren Rickets as we enjoy Mohr Sunshine and some warming temperatures were certainly warming up. We've got some spots right around 60 degrees.

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