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The Great Gildersleeve niece. Marjorie was married to Bronco, Thompson and happy pair departed immediately on the honeymoon. As the great man will testify, it was quite already. You Bet I'm still shaking rice out of my shoes. And, since the current issue of look magazine has pictures of the ceremony. The water commissioner now's settles himself in his Easy Chair magazine and hand to relive that joyously this. Yesterday I managed the whole wedding single-handed. But there's a lot of it I don't remember. The driver of a car never gets to look at the scenery. I suppose you want to look at the wedding pictures now keenum already harshly something else. That I, know what's coming. Find the seven faces in this picture and winners Shetland Pony. MATTY's. oop Boy dressed in fish. What a picture! A fish. King us. Double breasted Halibut. On how? Bad. Boy what I wouldn't give to catch for best. Fisherman. Let's do one thing at the time I boy. We've just finished my juries wedding, okay. She called her fish. Catch one. Don! Kid to go fishing good from to get outdoors. Best. Roy Saturday. Can we go? Out All right Leroy. Fishing, address Lake but not tomorrow. We'll go next Saturday. Oh, boy I Keano! in the polymer, Birdie. Matter today. Mis Module Litter from Marjorie. A from. The Lodge? Wonder how the love lovebirds getting along probably just sitting smell the honeysuckle. Let's see what my asked to say. All isn't this we can. Their own Marjorie beer and all words cannot express how happy I am Bronco and I have a lovely room overlooking Lake Fishing it. In the room. Oh my goodness fish in the backyard. Leroy listen to the Ladder Leroy Okay See Bronco and I have a lovely room overlooking the lake, and it's all like a beautiful dream. I'm sure no girl ever so much in love with her husband. Lesser Little Hard I feel as if the whole world would hours, and there was nobody but just bronco me. At night when the stars are out, we walk by the shores of the lake. You can it. And in hand we walk in stars and I know I'm in heaven. I must be. Right more later. Give my best literally Roy Birdie Judge Cooker and Catherine Milford when you see her. Your loving me's Marjorie. That was a nice letter. Yeah, Marjorie so happy. Love is a wonderful thing. Catch a bath. You and your fish. Milford. She gives you the gate the gate, certainly not. In fact I was just thinking about. Miss Free like Ms Margy Fan. November, wonderful. Pretty much had nothing to do with it. Smells. It hasn't been around well. I've been busy the last few days. My boy, she's probably been busy to over at the hospital. Yeah, making Google is at that Dr Olsen. Leroy! Stop these silly Dr. Olsen is out of the picture. I left him in the dust long ago. Yeah, I saw walking down the street with a yesterday. It didn't look very dusty to. Why don't you go out and slave roy? Whereas my hat birdie you going out with gasoline, I think I'll run over to miss mill a few minutes. Noli Roy. What a household a man! That's about as much privacy. Here's a goldfish. Own. I hope Catherine's mother doesn't answer the door. She brought this rose for. Leroy silly ideas about that. Dr Olsen. Catherine's probably standing behind the door right now, waiting for metering the bill. He kicks bt. KP! Lovely rose. boop bugs. Only geeky good I adore she comes. Yes? Zeke Dr Olsen. Gildersleeve leave. Yeah, I haven't seen you in quite a while and said it has been quite a while. There's nothing I can do for you. Go to sleep what? Now just felt the water department. Knowledge here awesome. Yeah that's me. Hello Catherine heroin. Thank you. One side. Fred he's in track. Moa, whereby being well and everything's been kind of upset at our house with the wedding. Oh, you're marry Gildersleeve well, congratulations no Dr and let go my hand. It was my niece yeah. I. Don't know why we're all standing here in the hallway. Yeah, it is Kinda crowded. Aren't you needed at the hospital, Dr, emergency, operation or something. Called Day in adding. Earthly me out to dinner. Tonight Sophomore. As I. Ask you to go along Gildersleeve. But the people were going with her. All well professional people just a minute jealously shaking that arose in my face rose. From Me Back Mark Oh. Yeah, but I almost gave it to him. Better take it outside Catherine. Has ACIS honest? Catherine, but I came to ask you, but you have dinner with me tomorrow. Oh. I'm sorry I can't tomorrow. I'm going out to Grassley Grass Lake. With. Maybe some other times rock Morton. So mother. and. Dr Olsen. Sneaking in trying to beat my time the minute my back is turned. Taking Catherine the Grassley tomorrow. Well let her go. There's going to bother me one bit. Yeah I'm homebody. June. Yeah, well, tell me about it later. Pretty I've got a lot of important things in my mind. Yes, you. Know Ver he's at. Wester. Fishing in the wash. You got a big time. I'm trying to think. Yes. They know! Watch..

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