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So it's to be a mill. I guess. Now steve every coach i don. I just don't think. I don't think there's a union or anything or a minimum wage right and i'm not that worried about it because it's not my money and if i was a fan you can't worry about it either because it doesn't affect his salary cap so fill your boots. It's your life. But i didn't think you needed to spend one point seven million a year for dominique. Ducharme right la. Allow me to read steve. Speaking of that the speaking of signing guys pierre mcguire deal with ottawa. We all know that by now so my brother tex me. He says sends hired pierre mcguire. Of course of course. Marcus smart did he goes my friend. Said they hired the announcer guy that keeps getting hit in the head with pox. Oh he's more than that. That's on their heads anyway. Step aside stevie for a second good for him good for ducharme. Npr npr mcguire. We mentioned in our last episode about the fact that over his broadcast career there've been gm openings and he was mentioned for those gm openings. And i think probably in his heart of hearts the job he would want most would be the general manager of the montreal canadians and maybe the most ironic thing in the world. maybe if If that job were to come open like a day after you accepted sort of an assistant. Gm gig with the ottawa. Senators right if you look at elliot. Friedman's thirty one thoughts on friday. A he makes reference to how mark berge vamp may not be all in for next season also in his indices in media availability. Berge of said. I have one more year under contract and i will honor that. He added the last sixteen months. Were tough on me mentally. It was very difficult. Prior to the end of the regular season. there was plenty of reason to believe owner geoff..

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