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Cut that out. Because it won't make any sense but I'll do it. You put enough finger. So congratulations spite getting on the board at the very end there Dave Liana wins by a resounding score of two to one. Well be honest. That's gotta be the lowest ever. That's gotta be the Lowest Possible Games in the past. I feel like this is like around the types of scores. I mean we did. Ask Twelve questions at cumulatively. You've answered three of them. So twenty five percent. I'll take yeah. We did worse than a fifty fifty coined by you know what that's fine. Taking pride statistical like I feel like I didn't do so well a math. Maybe this is part of it. Maybe I'm just doofus. They thought I was. But I feel like statistically that's almost harder to do than getting fifty to sixty percent so I'm taking pride in our today. We're just so impressive. Amazing just all right well. Speaking of math we are going to hop on over to the next game that I have for us today. Which is I? Don't even know how whatever this is. Survivor goes to sesame street. Okay and I had this random idea to cast the survivor players this season as the cast of Sesame Street and so I asked the audience if they could help me out and so what you guys are going to do is. You'RE GONNA try to guess who the audience.

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