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Yeah. What really struck me about half to three quarters way through Mike, Mike earlier. And I've thought about Gabby said yesterday about yeah, we need him to come out of its base. We want our Trump the rallies, and I'm thinking, no, no. We don't want that. Why isn't damn rob? Because this is a national audience. This is a different Audie. That's that's I think this definition of being presidential. A L where Washington. WFAN L where it's all about the conversation mornings on the mall. Chuck d's. He's a political analyst and a former mayor Vince gray campaign manager talking to Democratic Party officials in Virginia. It's believed that there may be other allegations other sexual harassment or worse sexual assault allegations to come out. So, you know, this this drama has no, of course, let me place the emphasis on what you just said. Which is you have been speaking to Democratic Party officials in Virginia who believe that another shoe is going to drop on Justin. Fairfax another allegation of assault or harassment. Doesn't involve the same woman or another woman. Well, I got this from a Democratic Party official interestingly in Loudon county, which is of course, herrings home base. It's just something that's being discussed. I heard that it was actually herrings people behind pushing the smears on Fairfax. This is morning on the mall. A L where Washington comes to talk. Tomorrow's workforce is sitting in today's high school classrooms. And it needs your help to be future ready by connecting high school students to the working world, you can expose them to opportunities. They never knew existed. Share your expert? Tease. Volunteer to speak in.

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