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Minutes on the force first live to ABC news well the country is bending the curve in the number of new cases of coronavirus expanded testing and tracking cases will be important as leaders begin to discuss plans on when and how to re open governors are forming regional coalitions to set the terms California governor Gavin Newsom in addition to timing says when we brings workers back the way people work will also change rejoin our floor plans and that is quite literally a responsibility if we are moving into the next phase of our businesses so that we can practice safe physical distance and with in the promise of a business within and around a school site and facilities large and small public and private a growing concern in states the rising number of cases and deaths at nursing homes those numbers will not be shared with the federal government in New York state alone twenty five percent of the deaths statewide a residence of adult care facilities Michelle Franzen ABC news one thousand seven ninety seven seven good afternoon couple whose time twelve thirty one I'm Taylor Vance ice with the top stories from the couple twenty four seven news center a pact among the governors of Washington Oregon and California raises hope the three have a plan for re opening the state's economies in the so called west coast packed governors of the three Pacific states say they'll coordinate together on a plan to end social distancing and ramp up their collective economy when such a re opening might happen remains up in the air and that's OK with Portland State University public health professor Dr Carlos Crespo he says naming it dates to reopen is dangerous it just erases hope more people races hold for for for business I know basis do not like uncertainty but we don't have a way to communicate with the virus meaning the virus itself is unlikely to respect the government timetable Washington Oregon and California may be working together but each will make its own plan all three governors agree health outcomes and science not politics will guide their decisions Corwin hate komo news the same university of Washington model that's telling us that peak demand on state hospitals is behind us is now offering a date when the pandemic as we know it could be over according to CNN his call most Brian Calvert Colbert nineteen is claimed at least five hundred nineteen lives in Washington and over twenty two thousand lives across the country Dr Christopher Murray at the U. W. says his model has help predict the point in which the first wave will be over it's a threshold of point three deaths per one million Americans or sixty deaths in one day across the country and that should come first week of June again that's sixty deaths in one day total right now we're averaging sixty deaths for every one million Americans the prediction is somewhat relieving but Dr Murray says it's also contingent on one very important thing in our models we are building in this town send that social good comparing is going to stay in place if it doesn't and restrictions are lifted too early he says all bets are off Brian Calvert komo news starting this week everybody admitted to a U. dub medicine hospital will be tested for covert nineteen Dr Chloe Bryson Khan says they've been testing in the past but only if the patient showed symptoms now we get to add this to every patient with the goal of really keeping the rest of our patients and our health care workers and she says they're able to do this because of nearby resources I think we're really fortunate with the UW clinical virology labs testing capabilities they've made it possible for us to do this that lab offers same day turnaround for test results coming up a few Alec nurse no longer allowed inside she well lips sanctioned homeless camp I'm Carly Johnson to.

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