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Number two police in large village idea body found in the burning car outside the subdivision a ten thousand dollar reward. Now being offered at the case number three's. WSB's top stories. The family of a Newton county teenager searches for answers WSB's the shell right reports. Police are still trying to figure out who killed him while police look for who's responsible for killing Clinton Martin more than one hundred people gather at high school gym to remember the hardworking student Martin was shot in front of his house last week after leaving work. The sixteen year old is working double shifts by a car. Authorities believe it was a case of mistaken identity. Martin's funeral Saturday. You the top story. Every fifteen minutes on Atlanta's morning news. President Trump's idea to end birthright citizenship for illegal immigrants isn't getting far with Republicans do pre in Washington. Well, you obviously cannot do that the reaction to the president's idea of. Executive action on birthright citizenship was not positive from GOP lawmakers. You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order house speaker Paul Ryan and went Obama tried changing immigration laws being negative action. Democrats said it was all political theater an effort by the president to bring up illegal immigration, just before the elections. More on my blog at wsbradiOcom special counsel leading the Russia investigation is asking the FBI to look into allegations about him spokesman for special counsel. Robert Muller says they have referred to the FBI allegations that women were offered money to make false claims about Muller the referral suggests Muller's office believes the claims are an effort to discredit him and could constitute a crime. Reporter Jackie Quinn, says the scam includes false claims of sexual misconduct and harassment interior secretary. Ryan Zinke is under investigation for possibly using his office for his personal gain. Zinke says so far he has not been contacted by the Justice department. You tells CNN it's politically driven investigation with no merit. Zeki has been dogged by ethics question since becoming the head of interior Columbia's. Reopening an investigation into whether a coal company based out of Alabama has ties to paramilitary group. Alabama based Drummond company Inc has operated in Columbia for decades. The chief prosecutor's office is focusing on irregular payments allegedly made by Drummond to a contractor who was convicted in two thousand thirteen in the killing of two union leaders who worked at the company reporter, my Grassi says the claims have been repeatedly dismissed in US courts gangster Whitey Bulger dies in prison and West Virginia prison union official says the death is being investigated as a homicide Bolger was serving two consecutive life sentences plus five years after he was convicted on several charges in two thousand thirteen. He ran is notorious gang out of south Boston in the nineteen seventies. And eighties. Bolger was eighty nine years old WSB news time is seven forty eight. Seeing a big delays on Georgia four hundred gained update from the traffic team unless the two minutes..

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