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I tell you to call we love Chicago I don't know about the way we had we had one of the band members on yes member's name one Lee lock namely lock thing and that we I remember is that yes and we got their Christmas album which I've been playing yeah Christmas comes great and more port we got free tee shirts I wish I were yesterday yeah I wore mine of it is just a few minutes your chance to win tickets to see the legendary rock and roll band Chicago you know I mention the story before I didn't get to it the last break X. rated reindeer Jim here such a thing now so the in North Carolina is a brewery by the name of sycamore brewing and they they put out some cans of winter they called the Christmas cookie winter ale well that's good but I'm apparently they put images of reindeer and for a pass apparently the it showed them with various sexual oh my gosh is that had a pixelated kids but what the hell Rick we radio no where close so I mean what what exactly they're pixelated anyway somebody complaining they they pulled all their cans of the X. rated range here on the on the beer cans somebody was a rubbing Rudolph's nose apparently yes and it got to yeah Natalie wood we're going down a path yeah not be good let's turn around the losing it both of you it's been rather than losing right before class it's because many people thought we lost it you know we think we never had it well that's true too Hey you're not gonna believe this new poll yeah out from the Harris poll agency right surveys are registered Democrats and guess who leads the field of all the democratic candidates somebody's not even in the race to be lost I know Hillary and all twenty one percent of all those Democrats surveyed think Hillary Clinton should be the candidate for president followed by Joe Biden at twenty percent Bernie Sanders at twelve percent Elizabeth ward at nine percent she's really sinking and all blew me mayor Bloomberg he comes in at seven percent but a judge doesn't even register on this in this poll but people still think Hillary should be back in there running that is unbelievable yeah I'm interested to see what happened Elizabeth ward because for awhile there I thought she was really going to take the field but she I guess as the as they began to examine her policies Medicare for all and open borders and all that nonsense you lefties want our people are saying that has got to pay for that so Elizabeth ward is sinking she can't win the general anyway she can there's no way Natalie this this story to confuse the hell out of me somebody over in England was ridiculed online because they refer to Santa clauses father Christmas well yes and as a man what is Mrs Claus that is another way of saying Sam they're saying is missing out of other Christmas saying that Santa is gender neutral is not real I mean that's what's Mrs Claus you gender neutral all I don't really people just don't raise the RK I know you have to have a general gender neutral Santa now I think that's ridiculous apparently the name Santa Claus is not really popular over in England they use father Christmas or at least by adolescence or next year yeah yeah gender neutral Santa's any slate I've by the way one node I I just I I I I could look this morning get away without the I'm mentioning peace treaties a past away it's a thirty four he was the inspiration.

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