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Hi everybody i'm peter travers this popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies and there's a movie now called the disaster artist of guest today james franco he is the start of the movie is the director of the movie jiang's welcome thank you and welcome thank you tell us why you would want to do a movie that about the making of what everyone calls of the worst film of the 21st century the going to qualify that they're the best worst film of the best or worst that's a very specific naming because there's been there have been thousands of bad movies that we will never watch again people have been watching the room religiously for fourteen and a half years now like once a month in almost every major city around the world i mean there ways that again good no no no they know everything but um i new i knew sort of about the room although i had never seen it but would really turn me onto a was the the book says seth rogin teases meeli atlanta area james franco's thing to do to get you know into this whole thing through a book but greg's a sterile who is the other actor in the room cowrote this book with tom vessel this great journalist again called who asked your brother dave play out in the film and once i read that and i saw you know that there was this incredible story behind this coal bad movie i knew that i would be able to tell a a hollywood story unlike any other but that be because of the way they'd written it there was this universal story underneath about dreamers and outsiders that everybody can relate to that i've certainly related to myself you know.

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