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Three oh three I'm Gerry Hotchkiss on newsradio ten eighty K. R. L. G. McKinney police have released a sketch of a man they say attack to women while they walk their dogs K. R. oldies Austin Jarkko Austin York has the story police say the first attack happened on August tenth at around nine forty five at night near Eldorado parkway in Country Club Dr a woman was walking her dog in our neighborhood when she was grabbed from behind by unidentified man she was able to run to a nearby home as the man took off the second one happened a day later as a woman was walking her dog in her neighborhood just north of the first attack the woman told police when she got home a man grabbed her from behind kissed her on the back of the neck and tried to pull away from her front door she was able to resist and the man took off again please describe him as Hispanic or mixed race in his twenties around six foot two inches tall with an average build Austin your his radio ten eighty KRLD Spotify's testing out a little increase in prices for the paid version of their app Spotify's owners are in the middle of extending their contracts with record labels Bloomberg says the higher prices would only happen if a few Scandinavian countries as a test right now it costs ten dollars a monthly cost would increase to as high as seventeen dollars for a family plan in those tests countries a federal appeals court could lead to trump administration begin enforcing its new asylum policy as some of the biggest border crossings in the country including some locations here in Texas a lower court had blocked the trump administration's policy of rejecting asylum claims at the border with Mexico from people who arrived there after traveling from a third country but the night US circuit court of appeals limited that ruling took only California and Arizona not New Mexico or Texas the busiest border crossings are in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and your el Paso the American civil liberties union had sued over the asylum restrictions and says it will continue with its legal battle Stephen Pickering news radio ten eighty KRLD they are all the traffic.

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