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Three that ended up being like a turnover for a touchdown for a wide open on the other end. And then we talked about the Billy ball, but Trevor feels like ran over a few times. And it just shows how far away he is because as much as we say that Trevor keels can't play that way. It's sort of the same for tie tie. Like you gotta be able to body up for a guy that's gonna be a stronger guard. If you're not a lot of stuff circulating on Twitter last week that ties the point guard, I don't know why people say it's a combo. I still see a combo. I don't think he's your main point guard. So if you're a combo in your garden twos and stronger guys like that in the NBA, you're gonna have to hold your brand. And that'll come with time. I just overall just a little bit underwhelming. I like them a lot at Arizona compass prep. I saw him play a lot. I didn't necessarily think right off the rip is a one and done lottery thing. I'm not running an office. This is one game one performance, freshman after we saw that in the first game we'll talk about in a minute, but just if he doesn't have that burst and jumpers out there, how else can you impact the game if you shoot two for 14 in the shot's not fallen? Yeah, you know that's kind of why like the name Chauncey billups has always stuck with me when scouts have had conversations with me about him. Right. Like they've brought up the idea of him being like more of a combo in the vein of chauncy Phillips where you probably want a second point guard out there with them, but yo, he can handle some of the load. Which is essentially what we're saying when you say combo guard. He does see the floor really well. He processes the game really, really well as a passer. I just wonder if the role is being rolled a little bit different than what his idealized role is here if he's going to be asked to do that. And you bring up the idea of who is who can take some of the load off of his hands I am surprised that Kentucky utilized Kellen Grady solely as a floor spacer in this game. Because you go back and you watch his tape at Davidson. Oh totally. Prep school. He definitely has more stuff off the bounce. And I was thinking the same exact thing. I don't want to say he's been relegated to it, but he was this floor spacer and he hit some big shots to kind of space things out and create those driving lanes for severe whaler. But he can do more and toward the end of the game and the run out of time. He played a little bit of catch up, but I think he missed like one runner, but he wasn't really called upon to self create and make really scoring options and opportunities for other players other than hey, catch and shoot stand over here and then just move and spread the floor out a little bit. Yeah. Let's go to some of the other guys here. Mark Williams had 5 points and 7 rebounds, but he was just a monster defensively..

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