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Instant ways. I felt like her storyline, I really enjoyed Tessa Thompson as well. But I felt like her storyline her carriages probably one of the less developed aspects of very good film regardless. I've heard boots Riley who wrote the film. Say an interviews that he felt like her character was the one that was closest himself. And I've also heard him say that he has wrestled with the goals of political art and how he feels like artists empty. If it does not connect with a movement and actually connect with action, and it seemed like the film was making some kind of commentary on Tessa Thomson's art in perhaps saying that it was too detached from action insofar as it seems kind of random and it was unclear how supposed to feel about her her live performance, her performance art piece? Yeah, in her boyfriend, they were broken time in the movie, but the cash cash screamed character steps in during that scene and tries to tell her shoots getting taken. Advantage of people are throwing people are encouraged to throw things at her during the scene while she recites a line from classic. Black film. Last last dragon, the last dragon and he steps in the debasing you, you know, you shouldn't do this and she persists in in gets through it in the movie. Never really. Explained how was to feel about that with cash is right, which should be into debase or was that something that did? She have a political purpose that just wasn't clear to me her other art in the film where she was kind of doing guerilla street art seemed a lot more purposeful and in line with, I think what boots Riley wants from his own are in terms of engaging directly with with with politics. I don't know if you guys think if feeling the honest not being able to get a full direction from what her actual performance are is supposed to be saying might be intentional in that the guerrilla street aren't made sense in terms of political movement, but with her performance are and kind of the big murals of Africa doesn't really seem to speak to a purpose. And that is kind of a lot of art that is be readily political kind of feels like to me. And I feel like that if this is the character that boots Riley most connects to at think it makes sense that he. Itself is not entirely sure what the purpose of our in this context. It's supposed to be if he himself doesn't know what his art divorce poodle, political context of supposed to be. Yeah, her performance piece. I was like a almost a direct. Knock off. I think of marina Abramovich performance art piece where she gave audience members or like set out a bunch of items like, you know, do anything you'd like to do to me with these items? And I think one of them was a loaded gun. I can check that later record over if that's not true, but. I run interview with Tessa Thompson where she's like, oh yeah, I love marina. Abramovich Bubba. It seemed like a pretty direct call out to that, but. I agree with you, brianna that I feel like her character was really under developed, and it kind of disturbed me whatever message that her character arc was trying to send, I think was pretty twisted just to spoil a little bit of the film. She starts out as girlfriend to cash screen. She gets less interested in him as he becomes a little bit more exploitative in his job, and she's getting more involved in this radical social movement and the union organizing, and then she leaves him for the union organizer briefly and then gets back with him when he Weise's up and joins the movement, and it kind of felt to me like this, maybe a self serving message. But regardless a very twisted message of like women will only have sex with you when you're woke or like women. This prize that you win for joining the revolution and like, don't you want to be part of the crew where you'll get to sleep with Tessa Thompson, otherwise, she'll leave you for the more radical dude? Yeah..

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