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And that's a Canadian. They're very, very polite. Very setup. But she's not story. No. She's not sorry. Sorry. Not sorry. Okay. Jerrold Nadler, again, the president has announced that he's going to address the country tomorrow night on the so-called crisis at the border. I expect the president to lie to the American people. Thank you. Why do we expect this because he has been lying to the American people? And it's spokespeople continue like the American people. Just yesterday. His press secretary said in an interview with Chris Wallace. It's four thousand people four thousand terrorists rather across the border. Chris Wallace pointed out that they had all been apprehended at airports. None at the border. There is no security crisis at the border. Yeah. By the way, I don't even know isn't their own State Department, the ones that said zero don't even know where the six numbers coming from but department homeland security. Yeah. Okay. But anyway, it's that we're on a list that wasn't confirmed. In fact, they had the same name assembly else. Right. Right. Oh, I know what the thing is that may be insane. But he said not only. The government the workers he said he can relate relate. In their right mind thinks you can relate to his vote. Yeah. His voters think that he had lights to the Kim over again, the percentage of people, but the average people have in the like four bucks, they're lucky to have it. Yeah. Jerrold Nadler one. Oh, no sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Not sorry time there. Okay. Charlie Pierce next on the Stephanie Miller show. Oh, man. Driving home with me, every weeknight five to eight PM on W CPT. Twenty fact. I'm Ellen Miller co host about Chicago, and this is w CPT civil rights snapshot on July. Second nineteen fifty one Sylvia Rivera was Fourniret Rivera in New York City early self-described and proud drag Queen miserable had a tough childhood by anyone's standards dark skin from Venezuela and Puerto Rican heritage, a wildly dysfunctional family and acting feminine ball contributed to young Sylvia's troubled life, Misra left home at age eleven she had already been involved in sex work, hustling with her uncle has a queer Latina, Sylvia Rivera fought for the inclusion of transgender people drag queens and homeless queer youth who marginalized in an often violently homophobic society. Sylvia Rivera passed away in twenty two..

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