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Changing hardware of the year. The upgradings voted with the twenty ipad pro eight point eight percents. This is both models. The ten point seven percent goes to the episodes people still love those episodes and it's back again twenty percent apple watch. Oh, there's a lot of lives being changed out there. Mike in most definitely especially by apple watches people love their apple watches. Yeah. About that. Now, I want you to tell me ios because I'm astounded by. I'll just go back again to a couple of weeks ago where I talked about it. I feel like the apple pencil to the most life changing hardware for me because it is changed. How I had a podcast currently this. I'm using because I'm using fair right on the apple pencil and editing. My podcasts in the warmth of my house instead of the cooler climate of Mike Araj, which means that I'm around like my pets and my family, and I'm more visible, and I'm not behind closed door on Saturday, mornings editing, me and comparable. And that's a life change that is enabled by that. Now. Yeah, I use a laptop out there while I could. But I didn't like if I was gonna use logic on my. Medicare? I just would use logic on my MAC pro. But. I don't do that now. So I'm gonna throw that out there. I think the applicants good product good update. And I have started to use it. And it's changed my workflows. So that's why I mentioned it. I wanted to pick something completely different. We go to an Espresso machine this year that I love. It is hard where it's kind of technological in some ways. I guess it is the barista express which is made by Brel. But in the UK as branded a sage they did like a deal of big chef who anyway, but his branded a sage I really like the I've really really liked this product. It's changed my life because I use it multiple times a day, and it makes the vest coffee that I've ever had home. I absolutely love it. So I'm going to go with the sage barista express. But obviously the apple pencil to is going to win this category. Because I love the pope until or is the apple watch gonna win. No one of the wash because you know, I I would prefer to vote the apple pencil to the apple which is a runner up because I don't this was the year. I stopped wearing it. So yep. I'm super excited to see how happy you have been about the pencil this year pets you like so much. Yeah. Well, it's. Much better product and adopted it so all right Jason. So should we move into all final set of categories the podcast award section? Well, it's all that's left. I don't know. What else we would do? So.

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