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We organized on a business basis. We assigned territories everybody is going to get well. There's plenty here for everybody. To regulate this Luchino came up with the idea what was called the commission in this was simply the heads of the twenty four major mafia decision. The United States would sit down and Audrey disputes would make sure that everything was divided equally as was to that, no personal is above the organization. Everything be done strictly on a business basis, but not all the bosses saw things. Lucia knows way prohibition undescored and highlighted a major problem crying or nitrile. And now was there was a generational split and split was between the old time bosses. Who were still prisoner of the old ways particular Sicilians very, very clannish. Never gone twenty miles from their home. Did not trust anybody except civilians. Anybody that's spins about if Luchino could take charge. He could restructure these gangs into a truly organized business where everyone would benefit. He realized the only way to do that was to take out the two leading mob figures in New York. The first being Joe, the bus mess Ariya when Lou Johnno decided that Joma Speth rea- who's the then reigning boss on the Italian mob had to go. He had to select four gunmen to do the job. Now. Use gunman had to.

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