A new story from Standup Comedy 'Your Host and MC'


How many men are not quite sure if you're in love maybe you're not perfect. How many inner just pretending to be in love until you get what you want. He's forcing his hand up now. That's here's a song that has nothing to do with love off the nager wet dream. Yes all these on one album. That's right call now and order yours. Dez gainers the top forty. Hey vinson it stays mole into laws on clay is really nelson. Maybe shoot of love you often and could have. Maybe as a loner then i would have with on niners gorge the rolling stone member. Laugher georgia. i love my son. Glasses that that's why i drive through red lights and the clock must be slow the two people that understood that owns Commando i'm coming home dean. I don't care there's no cable erkin for the do

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