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ESA, Nasa discussed on Stuff To Blow Your Mind


Right that's right to date nasa has at nine space missions to or by the gas giant so we're talking the pioneer program seventy three and seventy four the voyager program seventynine ulysses in ninety two cassini in two thousand new horizons in two thousand seven also galileo is a big one and that's a ninety five through two thousand three juno that ones of course a very current that's two thousand sixteen and there are various additional missions and schemes for missions in the work oh yeah i know the esa is working on the juice explorer right the oh yes you bitter icy moon explorer which i don't know i don't know if i agree with the wisdom of calling it juice it's it seems just a little too cool like like it's like the name doesn't need to be that cool because it's going to jupiter exactly it's going to the moons of jupiter that alone is is just mindbending yeah and so hopefully it's going to explore three of the four main moons we're gonna talk about today the icy moons of the ic galilea in moons of jupiter and its launching in twenty twenty two right yeah i believe as the current plan and nastas currently putting together at the europa multiple fly by mission for the same time period all right so i mentioned earlier thinking about the jupiter system like solar system within a solar system and if you do that of course you've got lots of bodies out there we mentioned the sixty seven known satellites of jupiter things that are orbiting but a lot of them are very small if we do think about jupiter like a solar system it has four main planets that's right they stand out in the most due to their just their sheer size and these are callisto ganymede europa and i.

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ESA, Nasa discussed on Stuff To Blow Your Mind

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