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For nine hours on anything I I wouldn't want to play golf and drink for nine hours I'd be tired when one is my mother I got to go home I'd be discreet and all kinds of crazy stuff that just to get out of there. that's what I'm saying on a positive note it turns out the U. S. him unemployment rate fell in September to a new fifty year low three and a half percent employers adding a modest hundred and thirty six thousand jobs down sizes downside is that the average hourly wages did slip a little bit by about a penny that would be the great irony of this if this did doom trump that he has the greatest economy in the history of economies. and and all kinds of reasons he would be reelected but. why it's a drag though that the. medium wages down by penny. three check out yeah in a nice juicy steak in front of you you take gonna take home cook it up for kids it's. ninety eight all you have a. heartbreak California making a move to get more drug addled and crazy people off the streets good finally where wake up yet you're a corn Ryden numb skull why would I yell at somebody when they've come to my site. thank you your dog when he comes to you that's terrible I'm so I'm so sorry I apologize half the homeless people in America live in California which is us donning because it's just a best place to be a bomb in a junkie the other forty nine states you should look at what California's doing and do the opposite. governor.

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