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Deaths in nursing homes and remember Governor Cuomo accused of it, he said the reason was the people who worked in the nursing home. They had it. And they gave it to them. Okay, okay. Yeah, I wanted. I wonder if he should give that money back to that publishing house. But that book for the book on leadership. It is 7 41 here, it's CBS FM's Amy Zimmerman. Levine. I appreciate you defending in a song recommendation, but I don't think we're gonna be able to get the Helen Reddy. I am Woman today on the blastoff. Let's check the traffic right now. Here's dwellers. Today is the kind of day you want to be extra careful because you don't want to get out of the car if you have an accident or if you break down someone's expressway at 92nd Street, a class Northman, New Jersey Turnpike in the truck lanes near entertains 14 Newark Airport. Another accident North and Garden State Parkway, north of Driscoll Bridge got a breakdown long and the railroad service is suspended on the Babylon branch between Babylon in Massapequa because utility wires fell onto the tracks near Co Peg Path. Trains also has weather related issues. Both Ways on the Newark two World Trade Center trains traffic sponsored by Burlington Stories, street cleaning rules in effect winter Wow, clearances on at Burlington Shop, Everything You love it even bigger markdowns. You can now save up to 70% off of the retailer prices for a limited time on clearance items throughout the store. Burlington loved the deal. I'm so Hollywood Chanin in the morning traffic on CBS FM's 7 42 at this very moment, our very own friend John Elliott over CBS two standing in front of the color radar weather screen. What's going.

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