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Spion traffic. Full ID in Los Angeles. John. When he was in the sexiest man alive deal. Jon Gruden have. We have a correction what Mackey McConnell who was on there to my sent not on the list. I have got to run rundown. Sexiest man alive. No since I'm like with. If it had a hill Brad, Pitt like if math econo- Hayes, not on it, not going to the white people ain't gonna go for that. Home alone. All downhill. Tinos the sexiest man. You know, how hot is goals the white people? You have a movie coming out new song or new TV show? Usually those things go hand handsome man would at our coach the Rams after Travis see that translates. I went to Jon Gruden. Walk around magazine. No, stop it. What I a lot. First of all, why was he in the magazine? He was he was I don't know if he was it was issued. It was the sexiest man or parts of sexy is man alive at a top fifty Beauce top fifty most beautiful. That's what it was was top fifty most beautiful people magazine, and he was in there. He was any walkies walk around bad spider two banana slice. Slice out the back. Z talk. Crazy, Matthew don't fit out where to finish. This was the daily top fifty jet magazine. No, I'll talk on that. Remember the little magazine. Jan is still available is really. Live saliva kicking unison them still the number one advertiser member Virginia. But. Cousin? I I knew. Sweat till you probably knew at that time frame probably knew about just about four or five of the beauty of the weeks. Just knew him because they was from LA or it was great. How would you just know because it was young model? You know? No. All the white people that are listening. What are you guys talking about? Oh. Slim's lady of the week. What does jet? Jim we have our people. Magazine jet magazine centerfold. So yes, a very small magazine. It was very thin. It was a small little deal. There was like this. Yeah. Basically it had probably forty pages. Maybe. It was about us the things that we accomplished as an African American community. Okay. Jesse Jackson was always pays to. Every now, and then they had a sports one or two pages for sport. Michael, Jordan, or a young college athlete who accomplished something graduation every. Every. Started as a joke. But did you ever go on in jet magazine? Jank. Oh, yeah. We could wait to get you back. Pitcher pitching to carry my phone is jet magazine cloth. Graduated from USC this is from this. I wanna see that. The Michael Thompson picture. Remember coming to America? Yes. The beauty contest. Would you have the sensually that was jet magazine? Okay. All right says from jet magazine. Let me think there you go. All right. Right..

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