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An alva- knowing and alva- wrote a book, it's called infinite baseball notes from philosopher the ballpark, and I'm going to read the PR piece that came with this because it really explains what this book is about. Then alva- can tell us about it. And of course, Alvis local here in Berkeley as well. And it's a baseball is a sport for those with patients that consists of long periods in which little seems to be happening punctuated by high energy outburst of rapid fire activity and the deeply entertaining, infinite baseball notes from philosopher ballpark philosopher and devout baseball fan Alvin knowing explores the many unexp. Beckton ways in which baseball is truly a philosophical kind of game. No, he's wide ranging thoughtful observations show that baseball is not only a window and language culture and the nature of human action, but his intertwined with deep and fundamental human truth. I came to here, I've I can't wait to hear talk about this book ranges from the nature of umpiring and the role of instant replay the nature of the strike zone. From the rampant use of surgery to controversy surrounding performance enhancing drugs throughout noise. Observations are surprising and provocative making the book. A must read for any fan of the sport. Alba? Welcome to the show. Thank you very much for having. I'm a big fan of yours. And it's just a great place to say with the audience. Yeah. What what are released from from Oxford press about the book, and with that in mind. I'll let you tell us about the book and some of. The observations and how this book came together. The book is a philosophy. And that means I'd had this whole naked history. Head I keeps it English. Californian Berkeley, also baseball fan all my life. And at some point. I started thinking what are these two things things that care so much about have to do with each other? And one of the things that is to philosophy other. How how familiar with feel your your listeners? But plus always begins with one at home thinking about fundamentally, our nature and our nature the world around us. So I thought well, let's begin the exit of us something very close to home for the something. Very dear something very familiar to us all mainly baseball this game that we left. So this book, I try to bring the kind of curiosity and wonder and and drive for understanding explanation that is characteristic of plus to this thing, we love baseball and. In the course of doing it. The book the book consists of thirty two essays each of which is very short and can be made on its own try to sustain document, but lots of hers. I not storytellers. We're not interested in in drama in young John to become like. And so the reason arguments learns through this book. Put it in different ways. I can send summarize in different ways at its simplicity ideas that baseball is a game which in order to play order enjoys a fan. You also need to think about while you're doing it can game. That's that's kind of. That's that went through the book of very good Alvin no is with us infinite baseball notes from philosopher the ballpark. Now. You know, if you listen to my show that we have had a baseball philosopher each year, I'll go back to Tim, Flannery and George context Javier Lopez we had Phil Nevin on there at one point. And this year we had Nick Hundley for a couple of years. And now we have Tony Watson this year. And my goal is to have that person player coach whoever may be take us through a baseball season with the philosophy of baseball. In other words, what happens it's like six essays. What happens in April? What happens in may what happens on a road trip? What happens when you've won four in a row we've lost four in a row. What happens in the issues of baseball bat flipping steroids and have that person? So to give his philosophy of how baseball relates to the fans and to the players on the inside. So that's what I try to do. Much. There's so much about in all of these things that you're talking about baseball. It's long and it requires attention on the part of the audience, for example, engaged they talk a lot about in the book is what is increasingly old fashioned practice of keeping score with a scorecard out the baseball park when you're watching the game. And these people think, oh, you know, you can use the ESPN home cold keep you up. But the interesting thing keeping score the old fashioned way about being updated about being focused and understanding what's going on. What's going on? You know, why is that? What how do you score that understand? How you school co you really thought about it. And I think that goes great opportunity for for focusing the mind in that way. They have I love it. Obviously keep score. And I've taught many people how to do it and everyone has their own unique way of doing it, which I've learned it's very interesting. But it is something where in your mind, you're saying, okay. This is what happened now I'm gonna translated into writing. That's right. That's exactly right. You're you're down. And you'll time as you watch once coach as your coaching it or pitching coach mocking every. What do you Mark down? What you know today is going to depend upon your interest rate. If you're good coach, you interested in the -cation and speed and all these kinds of things you might not be educating keeping Vegas clerk boy, very good. Alvin no is with us infinite baseball notes from philosopher the ballpark. It's put out by Oxford. I assume it's on Amazon and all the places that we looked to get it. Amazon audible it's on. It's it's Togo get it. You can get in different ways, including your local book stuff. Yeah. Of course. And that brings me to the book tree in Montclair where David has many many of the baseball books that we put out your to bring a couple over up in Montclair enlist sale to the book tree, and and get them over to David and let let David put him in the window because a lot of people we have on. We always have publicized their books at the book tree. So you're in Berkeley, correct? Berkeley. Yeah. Yeah. Up to my Clarin do that at the book tree. I. Claes? Yes thing about about this. Sports. When we watch spa. Way in which we care less about what's going on in a material sense. Where the ball goes how the ball is hit. We always think about what's happening in the baseball. They to who did it who done it. Who's before we get the first base because you walked the first base because you've got to hit. It was feel this choice on the basis of an error on whether it's one of those things the other that doesn't actually depend on the accent sort of physically despite it depends on the accident perpetrated in terms of who gets credit who playing and I this. I get that baseball. Is this kind of interpreted that city is one of the interesting things about based about moist. Like, just the it makes it about this kind of forensic to use the term, they use it in cups and rubber shows that who done it. Who's responsible? Very good. Yeah. They're very good. Now. I love it. It's a thinking person's game. And you break it down into different aspects of the game to show how the thinking person may not even realize they're thinking about the game. But they do it as they watch baseball game. Very good. Luckily, the ever read any of Leonard Kopp it stuff. The great baseball hall of fame writer. I'm saying. Have they don't have fish in my mind. Yeah. Look at Keio p p double Tate, Leonard Kopp it, and he one of his books made me think of is the thinking man's guide to baseball. And it's it's along the lines of what you talk about. But Leonard was thinking man and really looked at baseball through a different prism, which I think you're doing and you're making people realize as we watch the game we really doing a mental exercise, which is outstanding. And we may not realize it. This points to a controversial. They'll be so obsessed with trying to control the the length of the game as they put it pick up the pace of play that I think they're actually forgetting that some of that slow pace some of that opportunity to sort out and out in the field. What makes the doing such a beautiful fans enough must? Well. That's why people go to the games don't seem to have a problem with it. It's how they transmitted through through the mediums today that people may not watch it as intently if you go to the game when you go to the game you could stick around and you can enjoy it. But that's the dilemma for baseball because they're marketing. Yeah. That's right to have you on the show Alba anytime, and please if you were at the ballpark stop by and say Hello to us. It's a very good book. And as you said short essays, and I think people will enjoy it all baseball fans will enjoy. And even if you're not a baseball fan, you realize why those of us who are doing joy. Clean with one thing before that Jackie fan. The met. All right. I knew it was coming. All right. My earliest memories earliest baseball members. Watching listening on the radio, it's seven thirty one of my heroes that year. In addition to time-saving, technically was of course, really bays ended up his career with the Mets. So I've got that connection to guys. Well, we'll we'll give you a pass on that since Willie Mays. But it says, you said come clean, and I know you got a New York background. I said, yes. So I can deal with the Mets Yankees. I can't all right album. Thanks so much. Enjoy the holiday weekend. And you're welcome. Thank you very much. Thanks. I really appreciate the support for the book guy. Welcome..

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