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Price trust the always great taste of hills brothers coffee and remember at home hills time ten eleven let's go back down to the south side of chicago sixty seventh street and wb michelle fiore which is going to be the end point of this antiviolence march which is proving north on the dan ryan expressway from seventy nine at this hour our hey rob we are actually now at the corner of seventy nine and the dan ryan looking at numerous people who have a symbol out here and just moments ago reporters surrounded illinois state police director leo schmitz who told us that this will no longer be a complete shutdown of the dan ryan expressway he said he and police superintendent eddie johnson have spent numerous hours in the planning of today's antiviolence march and the goal is to keep everybody safe he said a few lanes will remain open of the dan ryan protesters will be instructed to stay on the sides a driver's also being asked to be extra cautious as they're traveling past the protest they'll be heading onto the ramp here at seventy ninth street we have not seen that just yet that we having north onto the sixty seven th street ramp and there are hundreds of protesters that i'm looking at out here now at the scene many assembling in a parking lot across the street as volunteers an orange vast they've been walking around in assisting people sugar and tina johnson out here as well urging safety for all live at seventy ninth in.

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