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Because there's just all the stuff i wanted to share. And i think that because of that in a certain respect. I think that there are times. Where the sermon. Really really hit well. Because it was just packed with lots of thought but then there are other times. I think we're the sermon. Didn't hit very well because just because it's convoluted and you know didn't stay on a wasn't tight on track and So one of the one of the shifts. That i've seen in me Over the over. The the months that i've been doing this is that i feel lasts less sad about not including a certain illustration or are you know cutting different things Or you know taking out a section or it's not as painful. And i think part of that is that i know that i can talk about it on the podcast and saw still get a chance to to try it out and and you know tell people about it and talk about it or i know that. I'm gonna preach another sermon the next week and the week after that and that and you know. There's possibility that i'll i'll still get to share and and and use that so for me sort of i. I just i feel a little less urgent. And i feel like i can be more Ruthless in selective about what gets included and try to only share the best. And and i think for. Who's anyone who does any presentation at all. Like i think tighter shorter more precise is is always better then elongated and rambling. And i mean think about think about ted ted talks you know. Eighteen minutes I don't. I don't think i know any preachers that that do eighteen minutes. At least not in the protestant tradition. You know like it's it's we like for what especially in the avenue church. The sermon is the. It's the meal man. It's like the thing that people put so much emphasis on it. So you show up in speak for fifteen minutes and people feel like they got gypped but i think that that you know for anybody who who is whether they're speaking at a board meeting or doing a presentation at work or whatever like how how. How tight can you make it. How much can you collapse You know it's like writing. How how much can you collapse ideas and fought into ascendants. How can that sent. How can this paragraph become one sentence. And how can this sentence become one word. And how can how can you crush it. Down and distill it. I think it's a. It's a really good question. Ask ourselves right. and of course you know. People enjoy Long sermons are well-crafted as well short sermons. Our wealth craft that even though most people kind of follow the rule of you know if it's short end good. It is twice as good if it's short end. Bad at lisa was short. But it's long and if it's long and good you know well at least it was good but if it's long in bad well you know it's twice as bad you know it's stain always on the shorthand and making sure that is tightening as content of course it creates a better experience for the number now. i like to. I like for you to share. What are some of the frustrations that you have encountered in this process of creating sermons and sharing and you know being more vulnerable than usually passengers would be i. You know for me. A a lot of maybe. The biggest challenge is just been being consistent about it in nyc with the podcast..

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