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Cannot stop salivating salivating over the possibility for partisan gain progressive say it may be partisan but they believe the public is with them Rosa DeLauro Democrat from Connecticut says until the corona virus hit Republicans generally didn't support any expansion of domestic spending intended to help people in a crisis now there is a crisis and Democrats want to use this moment to reform the system these folks have never wanted to go down this road and protect what what is social safety net that we've had in the past and a new social safety net for people in today's world taken employment insurance Ron Wyden the top Democrat on the Senate finance committee wants to tie the expanded benefits that passed in the cares act to the unemployment rate when unemployment goes up so do the benefits so people can stay on their feet he says the existing system hasn't worked for a long time and this is a chance to fix it going forward the unemployment system which was invented in the nineteen thirties is still in kind of a timely work nobody ever heard of a gig worker back in the nineteen thirties Democrats say it makes sense to advocate for temporary policy changes now now with the understanding that Democrats do want these programs to be made permanent some of these benefits like extra on implement already got big bipartisan support and will be harder to take way later not all Democrats necessarily agree Stephanie Murphy who is one of the leaders of a group of fiscally conservative Democrats says the coronavirus is creating unprecedented need but she says any policies need to be re evaluated over time and she says pushing for partisan policies in a divided Congress with a Republican president isn't the best path to making those ideas a reality the only things that become law can actually help the people that we're trying to R. and chest so she says Democrats should look at their list of ideas and find places where they might get some buy in from Republicans like her proposal to extend and expand a tax credit for businesses that keep employees on the payroll during the crisis but Democrats are hoping to take control of the Senate and the White House in November which would make it easier to remake the system Kelsey Snell NPR news Washington to New Orleans now where Kelly fields owns the award winning bakery and restaurant Willa Jean when I spoke with her in early April she had furloughed all one hundred thirteen of her employees well fast forward a month and this Wednesday Willett gene is officially re opening its doors to diners Kelly fields joins us now to talk about it Hey there welcome back Hey there thanks for having me again so talk me through your plan what is eating up religion gonna look like starting this week well it's going to change a little bit we're going to do all counter service so my actual service staff isn't quite comfortable yet so we're gonna do counter service where customers will place your order at the counter and will bring their food to them and eliminate the risk of person to person contact that would normally happen yup and you've got limited capacity is that right you can't allow and the same number of diners you did before correct the mandate in New Orleans is twenty five percent capacity which puts us at about twenty eight seats you said a some of those people were are feeling a little wary not entirely comfortable yet what does that conversation been like with your staff I mean obviously I'm in support of them coming back on their own time when they feel comfortable but I also know my responsibility as a business owner and the challenge for this is going to do it's going to be doing my part to ensure that we're practicing as safe as we are as as were able providing protective gear for my team holding the customers accountable to our wear masks when they're out and about the restaurant and just that everybody smart and responsible and respectful in this process yeah I was looking at your website and that you've got a long long list on there if everything you're doing to make everything safe for your staff and for diners it sounds like that's gonna be a big part of the challenge is convincing your customers it's okay it's safe come back yeah I think that's going to be the biggest the biggest challenge for all of us as business owners is is just restoring faith in the public to feel comfortable to be out yeah without level of capacity are you I I can't imagine or anticipate making anything like the revenue you would have made a few months ago how does that work I'm I'm curious I know myself we're really lucky the we've got a really strong community like New Orleans supports restaurants like no other city are now so our delivery and takeout business has been really strong and we open the the bakery counter this weekend and and people really showed up and supported supported what we're doing which feels really good but we're going to take the the bigger picture one day at a time and figure it out now I have to ask is there a particular item on the menu that you were excited to serve on a plate to obtain a customer you can see and watch him do again yeah while I'm there yeah the R. barbecue shrimp toast the I didn't realize how much I missed it in the first one came in the window and I smelled it and it just it felt like a normalcy that I didn't know I needed I I know the last time I talked I mentioned I was eyeing the biscuit with grandma's sausage gravy and did not survive the pandemic Claesson yes yes I hope you hold on for me for next time I am in New Orleans and we will be thinking of you and wishing best of luck stay safe stay well and thanks for talking with us thank you so much you too that is Kelly fields James beard award winner and owner of the bakery and restaurant Willa Jean in New Orleans which is going to reopen this week you're listening to All Things Considered from NPR news I'm on all they've done to the point voting by mail it can be really important even if it delays the crowds so we don't know who's one right away it means that vote counting is.

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