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Man palm island. Lord you go every. It's not that it's bad as this. I'm not used to drinking a strong. There it's different. What is what does this got. Oh okay i thought it was great. I was hoping it was great. No okay great. It's perfect drink. Kool man on ten lean. I got i got a packet d- now asset. I got a package. sugar needed. Breezy shades are a whole bag of sugar about somebody on facebook mega spaghetti look good and everything and then they go get like two cups. Sugared out my mom does that shit. I don't understand that she has dobbins died. That tastes like an ipo on training wheels. If you wanted to introduce somebody hey this is kinda what an ip. There's like tried. This is good as like a with muscle tester airtime. I'll take it sip. My which is the weird part about. It isn't gonna be funny on this delicious white zombie parallel beketov. That is good. Is it just me or do y'all get the bite on the tongue. I get the right at the end. Yeah if somebody handed me this. I wouldn't drink it like fizzes right at the front island. It's got a bite like a seltzer. Like a white call but it doesn't taste like asshole. Yeah for the record ryan loves asshole the fucking it colo- interesting so somebody donated a bunch of seltzer water to all the stations so like oh god so the battalion chief had out for bottled water right so yeah so no so. There was the company's name or some shit like the worst rehab as One of them was like a watermelon. Line now there was another one. That was a black cherry coffee. And i was right. So we're supposed to be taking them home because literally they donated enough for everybody in the battalion. So they don't get like like east trae has three light twelve packs. They don't end up for everybody in the battalion really. Nobody's fucking took him. What did you say did you did you did you do did anything. We're not doing her own long on me a copy time. Nobody's puckett to it. I was waiting for my god. Mr ron's as scared white zombie whale. Start that over the white zombie white male from qatada there at north carolina. You said i mean. I would look at it. Funny morgantown north carolina. You make a damn good beer beer. i drink. i wouldn't buy it. But i drink. Someone handed me one. So don't let parker be the judge here. I'm new to beer. So i still like my. Oh shit show bog over here. Looking at the time it shiner time i just pulled this one out and it looks like one of those That looks like light wine. And a can actually. It looks like one of those bubble cans. So it's this pretty hit looking green can and it's a more artistes brewing. A more artistes. I'm more solo duar sound so fancy and then they're gone but then they're gonna name this cruising down the street in sixty four miles sixty six zero expel 'em up now. I picked this one. She was going over some other. Here's the name. The lovely miss jaden. And i said there's a story behind this. I said we have a guy sonar podcast that put out the equivalent of a cloud rap album pretty much. Yeah pretty much. I said this is right up his alley cruising down. The street millimeter fairly row with the clouds in the background. Yeah i did the photo editing where it made it look like i was in a fucking bro. I'm just glad you're better at sound like something. Somebody would put on a t-shirt after you died about to say that a family reunion picture recipes. My nigga gosh to seriously take for all of that. Do you hear about the man who like his house. Got messed up in the poor. Nato's and stuff and he spray painted on helped rebuild my vin mo is blah blah blah blah blah. That's awesome. i'm gonna do that. Just please help me by a new roof. Marvin mo all these artists. Now they're doing these Facebook live and stuff like that concert like case it on on our frame walt. What were to did one. I still twenty bucks the other day in here somewhere two hundred fifty paypal so i didn't know it was a competition but i was just like this is cool like he could be at a show. Have a tip jar. And i'm like i don't have cash right and i'll put a book in their feel bad about it but he doesn't own. I'm like here's twenty bucks will. This is for all the times. i can't watch so. Let me throw a disclaimer. There for free. We always buy them during. So let let me put a disclaimer out there For those that are listened to the podcast. If you love us great we appreciate everyone you but if you hate us you can start to go fund me to shut us fucking down so right when we get enough money will stop doing this. Bullshit one million dollars hairs. We will close the doors. A million of y'all donate dollar mark. Martin put tips. We have tip. Dr and you know me being the og wife. I've been around the longest g. o. g. o. g. wife yes I was only one for a long long time. I beg these boys to get married finally did anyway but i will be over often. Some people say it's god..

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