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Com. Listening to the AP digital news network after an outbreak in North Korea of the highly contagious, African swine fever, South Korea's the north. Ignoring its calls for joint efforts to stem the spread South Korea's agricultural ministries has blood tests of pigs from a few hundred farms near the inter-korean border conducted through Tuesday came back negative hundreds of fences and traps have been installed around the farms to prevent their pigs from contacting wild boars that Rome in and out of North Korea. Seoul says the north hasn't responded to proposals for joint quarantine efforts. A college student in New Jersey's reconsidering getting that summer job AP's met small reports his decision came after checking his recently purchased a lottery ticket Christopher. Chrysanthou Publicis, dad recently invited him to launch to talk to him about needing a job for the summer during the core ride. He decided to check the tickets. He bought for the may twenty eighth mega millions drawing. And that's when he turned with father and said dad, I've got five numbers, but the New Jersey twenty year olds father thought, maybe this was a prank. So they stopped at the nearest lottery retailer to validate the ticket, which was worth a million dollars. The writer university students says he like to take his family on vacation, and then put the rest of those winnings into savings as for the summer job. Well that appears to be a work in progress. I met small. Optimism, even as there is no deal yet. Vent, President Trump's threatened tariffs. I'm Tim Maguire of the AP news minute, vice President Mike Pence, secretary of state. Mike Pompeo now the Trump administration officials wrapped up their first meeting with Mexico's foreign secretary Marcela. Brad head of President Trump's threatened terrace. It brought tells reporters at the Mexican embassy in Washington. He's confident an agreement can be reached as talks continue somewhere. We are going to the tux. So does hope Trump is demanding Mexico. Do more about her tailing the influx of migrants at the border last month. Some one hundred thirty three thousand people crossed the border into the US many them families from Central America centers for disease control and prevention says this year's measles, outbreak has topped one thousand cases, the highest in twenty seven years, ten years ago. There are fewer than one hundred cases a year outbreak has been concentrated in communities, where parents refused. Vaccinate their children. I'm Tim Maguire. AP digital news back in a moment. Now. No. Napa auto.

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