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Record for black friday we reach five point three billion dollars that with about three hundred million over our estimate and yet to call more of the same on cyber monday those watching the investigation headed up by special counsel robert muller expect developments this week greg valliere is the chief political strategist with horizon investments there's lots of speculation that the facts giving break an that both donald trump jr jared kushner uh uh maybe uh under increasing scrutiny from the prosecutor then you have to ask the question what the president tolerate a prosecutor investigating his own family indepth report in the new york times regards mr trump's soninlaw a diminishing role for jared kushner the schedule river in washington highest it's been since two thousand six flooding has at least three homes teetering on the riverbank hills the mayor of lyman washington has got less than ten feet there to the corner is foundation you can hear the ground behind me basically slumping off um in nerve wracking egypt's reeling from the attack on a mosque in sinai that killed three hundred and five people two days ago deadliest attack by islamic extremists in that country's modern history seventy five years later in the fundamental things still apply eu was bogus four three quarters of a century it has been one of hollywood's most enduring fill us all the town's saddam were the story of two of wartorn lovers rick play by.

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