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John music critic for this morning we're talking protest songs and I like how you said John other musical matters in your tweet I thank you and you know just speaking of protest songs of that album came out you know I think like on June fourth nineteen eighty four the born in the USA do you think a lot of people think born in the USA is a patriotic song yes lots of lots of people think it's big celebratory protests that you know patriotic songs celebrating what's great about America no the song was about a Vietnam vet who came back and his head was down on his luck and not able to get a job and he was protesting but when you just have burst screaming at the top of his lungs and then USA you think that sounds great and it got played a lots of political rallies that a cease and desist order from Springsteen because of it because of that yeah sorry I I just okay that's it that's a good place to start you know job we really have been you know just kind of looking towards music arm and playing a lot of different you know protest songs we played earlier today dear Mr ma'am by prince with him playing Americans Janelle mon they were kind of just rediscovering really how much great music is out there that I mean we had four years ago last year two years ago fifty years ago I would keep part music has been in protest team you know civil rights and injustice yeah absolutely and and anti war and anti war activist sixties when we first really became conscious about protest music it was sort of the anti war songs and then there was the society societal issue songs you know whether it was dealing with do you know the Cuban Missile Crisis and the high rain gonna fall or as Creedence Clearwater revival fortunate son which is about our senators on U. S. senators and didn't have to go to the draft kind of like a guy with bone spurs right now all doubled for the draft and then you know you would turn around and you'd get John let Lennon singing a mansion he's a chance yeah you know all all sorts of things I I wonder lake I'd just what kind of burst of creativity and music is going to come out I was wondering about that too from cultivated to because so many of these people have not been on the road yeah hi John it Stephanie Hanson sorry last time I saw when I was in the Fillmore I mean there's you know it J. S. and articles a local singer originally from Kenya put out an album the other day about the quoted situation but I think there's gonna be stuff dealing with the other on rafts I mean you know what happened last time we had Ferguson you know great Kendrick Lamar came out with all right which is about Michael brown and Tamir rice and those two people who seem to die innocently at the hands of of police officers yeah it it really is I I think that's a I just kind of we and we forget about that and it's been actually kind of a fun thing because you know for us to just be plain different kinds of music and coming up and learning about what the story was behind it and it's interesting it's just been an interesting thing I guess for us is a taxation day right you know childish Gambino this is America I love that song about gun violence yeah consider the importance of Baltimore what about Freddie gray and Michael brown you know back in twenty fifteen so he came out with a the protest song about that and and we played dead the other day and it you know it is like that song it felt like it was the lyrics are so poignant and it but yet you know we kind of put it to a bad of music that you know had like the prince thing that I don't know it it just was really I'd forgotten about that sign with a good song it was and sometimes the music is more soothing than the lyrics are yeah yeah that's that's your world John what were you were you breaking of the news about governor walls and the music business opening it to some degree next Wednesday what did he say exactly I was not paying attention today me you can gather indoors for entertainment at fifty percent capacity or a maximum of two fifty indoors okay well that's going to present a big challenge for four different music venues in terms of social distancing yeah how are they going to deal with that how how many people can you realistically Clinton First Avenue you know and and make it work dollars and something you can do local artists and there won't be the usual amount of money involved but I think right now money isn't that the most important thing I think healing and in spirit and community are important and so music can play a key partner crooners this week started their own series of driving concerts out in the parking lot and they have an outdoor stage that they're also going to start up and you know that may only be less than a hundred people but still you can gather and you can get together community is a big part of it I think one of the reasons that people came out for all these protests there's a compelling reasons but I think also fueling it with people in isolation they desire to get back together with people and now I have a compelling reason to call us and people rally together because of it yeah that's true in a you know for the crooners thing do you do you have to make reservations for that ticket buy a ticket to buy a ticket in advance the current limited to seventy four cars and you can have you know for people in your car each person has to buy a ticket it's not per carload some drive in movies were back in the day right it was that was our first one the the Joanne Parker was that was I don't know which was the first one this week yes you embark on Monday to to show she did her Patsy Cline tribute which was awesome in the afternoon under scorching ninety degrees sun and then at night she did her R&B and blues and she was on fire for both shows really and where that was if at at maximum for how many people usually they have seventy colonel the first the first only had I think forty three cars and so not quite full it was for the afternoon some people are actually working right even if it's remotely yeah and curly short notice but the second show was sold out and they've been doing shows every single night okay are you that's that's something to look for June yeah and maybe like you know like you said there will there will be will have a more local artists are I guess that's who's going to be playing Plano just Avenue are you hearing any talk about when we're potentially going to be gathering in larger groups outside even like a surly festival field or any of the outdoor festivals are there anywhere around the country that they're doing festival type music no I mean there are larger scale drive in style concerts but they're taking place in things that we don't have like parking lot outside a baseball stadium yeah I don't have that anymore yeah you know so it and there are you know a high and they're doing it in Dallas Texas by the Texas Rangers stadium they're doing it in San Diego by the Padres stadium and they're going to put in you know two hundred and fifty four hundred cars Z. we don't have a place where you can really do that here not one place to E. not quite that big you could probably do something at the midway at the state fair yeah or someplace like that but I don't know that there's any area of you know you could do it in our top of the parking ramp at the airport I don't know how creative can we be resourceful can be being well they could be K. people couldn't be more creative I guess yeah I never heard us but then you also have all the Jews who since those are regular venues yeah I got it set up a stage you gotta bring in power right all all sorts of things and and still how do you socially distant how do you deal with the rest room yeah yeah do you want to use a portable toilet that's a rhetorical question and we're in so how do you deal with that at least corners figured out a workaround with that so one person at a time in the restroom and then they clean it there is a job for someone yeah there's a lot of cleaning jobs right now yeah but yes so it is very challenging how you're going to deal with these issues yeah and did a governor's directive say that people need to wear masks at these events it's preferred it's preferred to if you are working in the restaurant business you need to have a mask and it is preferred that you wear a mask and many of those incidents or do you have to wear a mask I believe source yeah I don't know what I mean yeah I don't know that's an unanswered question how come it seems that you have to because it's part of the ordinances right outside of Daytona dance with a mask I don't know Laurie yeah right dance and with my man yeah well I mean I guess for me like a karaoke when I want to write for me I guess the idea I was someone just tweeted historian per correct crooners yeah I would be outside I wouldn't have my mask on probably if I was away from people but yeah that looks like fun at crooners John it was and now it may be with these new restrictions based on what the governor rule today maybe the you can set outside your car and stuff just inside your car yes so then you could have the color of an outdoor concert yeah because that's where that Keith urban did when he did that concert like last week at the beginning of the week for the health care workers in Nashville that was in the middle of may actually was at the middle of may die and that was that and an actual drive in movie theater right we still do have a couple here they could do if they don't have any movies to show they could maybe early not in a new one west and east this organize a concert Lori that'll be impressive Johnny nobody is trying to add to your to do to do it yeah we do know that we're without our Donnie love I know yeah that means he has a radio talent and the producer and now you're going to promote concerts that that's that's really a lot but that was nice what you said about Donnie you know he is and you didn't act actual part of your show really wise and you do that great picture very empty booth at the fair oh geez John you have been our first year visitor at the fair every single year for I think it fifteen years was last year right so you and I are going to gather on first Thursday that Thursday in August they were good but also morals and are you I am sure it goes without saying you're gonna miss being out at the fair with all the live music out there oh absolutely not just the music there's all sorts of other things on this the Cropper don't miss the food yeah the people the smells yeah I know Jenny will miss the smells a little less than the amount he I don't know I mean that John and I we love get bring us the smells bring Israel John I'd let me ask you real quick before we let you go the lady Gaga achromatic K. album have you listened I listened to it once and.

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