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This is marketplace. I'm KAI Ryssdal. This is pride month. You've seen the rainbows probably. It's also the fiftieth anniversary of the stonewall uprising a pivotal moment in the gay rights movement. In this country. There are pride celebrations in a lot of places commemorating stonewall. There's also a lot of very visible corporate support company logos are now rainbow colored rainbow flags or hanging on offices and government buildings. Even on the new York Federal Reserve down on Wall Street here in Manhattan, LGBTQ people and support groups have worked for decades to get that kind of acceptance some, though has started asking, whether there is such a thing as too much marketplace's remain unsure has that story June twenty eighth nineteen sixty nine twenty year old Dale Mitchell, and his boyfriend are walking down the street through the west village in New York. And we saw up ahead a bunch of flickering blue police lights. The police were rating, the stonewall inn as they often did harassing. Wresting the clientele for being gay, or gender, non conforming. The police were carting off the patrons to a nearby paddy wagon and three drag queens. If I remember correctly, the cups, particularly like to pick on dry queens, one of them broke free. And she said, come on new fag. It's let's riot. They did. And after that uprising something changed in the gay rights movement. It became louder pride marches across the US were set up to commemorate stonewall. Eric Marcus is a historian and host the making gay history podcast. He remembers one of his first pride celebrations in one thousand nine hundred and he says back then these were protests marches without a lot of mainstream support because gay people were six sinful, disgusting horrible, illegal people, but nobody wants to be associated with gay people and no corporation, new company, selling things other than perhaps, a bath house would advertise gay people know it was, it was laughable that changed. This is from CBS coverage of San Francisco's pride parade in two thousand eighteen. Contingent on this great route is well, Amazon, always has a huge continue. We will Fargo Macy..

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