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Berko ham so like per shudo and all that other stuff where like thinly sliced like charcuterie like a year long cure on it right An ear like extraordinary gang. It's a just like a huge commitment of time but they said it was absolutely phenomenal. And then just brining doing beaver hams I guess the the fat content in beavers just the way that they said love is is like superb that it lends well to a lot of the the curing and preservation methods. So it's a little more less susceptible to drying out so it's more friendly to curing stuff because it's got some fat in the meat will even talked about a beaver. Chichi ronas spigot so yeah so Shaving it down to hydrating it and then frying it. We're like whoa so excited to see that recipe. If it comes to fruition for sure but all right so we've talked about trapping and we've talked the cold winters up north so now we'll move to the great pacific northwest final frontier What do you got for us calling I don't think i've been on. Since i talked about going out for the military veterans waterfowl day correct. I don't think i've been on since then but to give a recap. I pretty well that day. It was actually pretty proud of myself. I got four bucks actually I went out there by myself. I was the second time it went out there by myself. Nobody else with even though we're all amateurs but I was pretty proud to come away after about two hours with three wins and ninety gaddi. Yeah yeah new spot. It was a it's private land but Access you just gotta call reserve Like cow pasture there. And i think within the first five minutes i had one day. I haven't even finished setting up. My goose silhouettes yet. And i already had one down. There were just flying all over. The place Those really good day looking forward to make stuff out of the out of the meat at i took from there It was like a you weren't sitting next to water was just a pasture. It was pasture next to a slew. Said there was water right next to me. Okay and that's i didn't the first one i shot didn't kill it. It landed and ran into the water and shoot it again while it was swimming in the water.

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