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Series today at Samsung dot com WTO P at two O 8 Michael and son spring AC tuna for only $49 Traffic and weather on the 8s to rob stalwart in the traffic center Thanks Mike It's been a while since we had an update but on the outer loop leaving Bethesda headed toward Virginia on the American legion bridge we had one broken down and blocking the left lane delays on the outer loop stretched back to the big curve above the two 70 spurring coming off the two 70 spur headed toward the American legion bridge No problems on two 70 itself in the main lanes local lanes northbound near shady grove road We had that crash along the right side of the roadway there in Silver Spring as Georgia avenue southbound near Hathaway drive we had the right lane block for the wreck the traveling at this point on three O one northbound after small will drive the crash near Plaza drive under police direction No problems on I 95 while the Baltimore Washington Parkway between the two beltways the beltway in prince George's county the outer loop near two 14th central avenue crash in the median along the left side no response yet with it is just waiting there now No problems on route 50 between the capitol beltway in the eastern shore You guys are looking pretty good in Rockville 28 norbeck road between bower drive in Avery road still with the chemical situation near Baltimore road that you may be under police direction for that one in Virginia the in loop remains slow leaving the doubles toll road up to and across the American legion bridge volume on 66 eastbound between nutley street and the beltway Southbound I 95 still often on the brakes leaving newington headed toward one 23 within a delay just after the fairfax county Parkway getting the first report of a crash to watch out for that Delays for the south on I 95 as you head toward two 34 dumpers they have one stop in the roadway there as well North down I 95 you're on the brakes leaving route one and sponsor Vania headed toward route three in Fredericksburg Once your passing center port Parkway you are clear toward the Springfield interchange and on the I three 95 and manassas still northbound Prince William Parkway after two 34 business dumpsters rose to all lanes blocked on the Lucas railroad overpass They're working to get those lanes open but not yet So please keep in mind northbound on the Prince William park where he still will all traffic stop after business two 34 doctors road as a result of the crash Visit fits all dot com to find a safe used car Fitzgerald has hundreds of cars trucks and SUVs next to a new car if it's way cars best visit fit small dot com today I'm rob stallworth You'll be traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Rhine Miller After a cold start we're back into the 40s here throughout the afternoon hours plenty of sunshine a little bit of cloud cover building into the northern suburbs but that's really.

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