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Skill. Betas dumped him in the Babe Ruth or the Philippines baseball because manny manny. Is God in the u. Shame you said outer myself. Got Love Competition and won't Labanda. You know hug people at talking. Be Buddy Buddy. Disc pecan pecan pain. You WanNa go to a team. That doesn't have any chance of making it but it's either for you to be on the squad. Cutting America we show. I mean we love to play baseball player. We weren't we weren't more America. More Baseball Baliles. Yeah you ought to be ready to go our way. Tempt how heated. It gets where we talk about. Tibo at this table. Watch Tim just lift the Philippines out of nowhere into the tournament people on Watch? Because he's on there. We got an American born player playing on the Philippines. I mean well you want him. But he's an American plan for the Philippine. Okay but obviously it fits and Tim schedule. Because the tournament games will be played in Tucson where spring training is taking place. So it's okay. It's not out of whack faith. What about Spring Training? You don't WanNa do that now. He'll do it by the end of the year he's going to be New York. Met anybody any he'll be talking about. Sec football now. The beginning of the year hater. Your hey see. I told you that I like this type of water. What you gotTa Give Balls. Just Talk. Let it go. But for the Guy Muncie Westbrook and James Harden were reunited in Houston this season and have been on a hot streak going nine and twos and switching to their new small bowl lineup. High scoring dual was also on the latest cover of G. Q. In a feature story that focused on their fashion sense and their longtime friendship joining us out Mark Anthony Green. Who wrote the piece? Soga to have you back. Thank me to say before we start my friend. Mark Anthony. Green is becoming. The goat of superstar interviewers ran has a rare talent forgetting the biggest stars in sports and entertainment to sit down and open up. I agree with all of that Moore. This man has done g cucumbers on Lebron Odell and now hardened westbrook and he was great recently coming in and telling us about his odell bombshell piece. That was a big cover story. And now we're looking forward to hearing about behind the scenes with the James of Ross. Most stylish duo and Sports. And you don't see that on display. It's very clear how comfortable they were with you and just learning more about the relationship. Were you surprised? By how close they were on and off the court. I wouldn't say that I was surprised. You know I think that anytime you play with somebody as a kid you know they really grew up together and they also kind of notoriously two of the most authentic real players in the NBA. So you know what we tried to do. We have like a crystal ball G. Q. Try to predict what is going to matter who's GonNa be surging We had to put this cover offering months before you know they actually were on the cover as you see now. This is kind of the perfect time because it seems like. It's really working for them. So is it to your eyes in feel an instinct. Is it legit between them? Is there a legit deep childhood? Born connection between these two from southern California wine at one hundred percent guy. I don't know if they'll play every game for the rest of their careers together. You know there's like in any relationship you know. Let's like dependency like the two of you to see the two of you break up. Nobody wants to see that. But but I think that they have a hell of a lot of love and respect for one another and You know that especially with the pressures that these guys go through that just changes changes that and the grueling season in in you know Playoffs about star here soon in rushers on this dynamic but it could absolutely earlier in the show about one thing that caught my eye which was russ immediately. Just blurts out to you I I tend to lose it during games. He does you got another tech last night. He's getting danger getting suspended a game. Yeah James talked about staying in his box in my box meaning. I'm just closed off from the world around me on the court. Nothing bothers me. He just seems above it. All Almost Aloof from what's happening around him did you. Since that between the two of them that they connect that way fire. Ice Ice fire. You know what no not an interview because you know everyone is. It's like neutral. You know what I mean. It's neutral ground in comfortable and you know we really try to make sure that if you give us the time and open up to us that we reciprocate that with an ideal situation and fairness and so no but I do think we're seeing on the court is how sometimes you need Russell to put his head down and to drive to the whole like like you know like a missile. You need that you need for the morale of your team. You need it for for the Kraut. You need that. And then sometimes you need james to take seventeen dribbles. Step back and hit the theory. And I think that they're figuring out the pace in who should do what when and if they can like Dow imperfectly. I think it'd be dangerous. They are going to be dangerous. What you see what? Russ's like on the floor on the court. You see what you see with. James is like on the court what are really like. When you're just sitting down you just you got water cuting around he just bouncing questions off the same you know. I think that James Harden if James Harden was a janitor UBT coolest janitor you know what I mean it's just how he carries himself and both of them from L. A. In in in. La Guys just have like a very smooth demeanor. And I think if Russell was a janitor. I think he'd be the most intense Janet. You'd have the cleanest floor on the planet. You know what I mean and and so again. It's one of those things I think you know. It's another thing that we look for in who we put on our coverage. We want to focus on the most authentic real interesting. You know culture affecting people and I think that's really who those two guys are and you can see the clothes I mean. That's one of the most fearless photo shoots really probably from like not even just athletes like fearless in there was nothing. They weren't afraid of anything in fashion so important to them. I thought that was one of the most interesting parts of the piece. How in the fashion world? They're not known as the stars. No one really cares about them. In that sense they have to make their own identity in the fashion world and that was really unique to and we see it. I mean you know our our editor in chief will Welch. Were in Paris. He's editor in Chief G. You he at some of these yeah. He's the big dog like in some of these rooms in and I really commend them. And and you got to take your hat off to Russell because Russell was really doing it before a lot of these guys. They're going into these rooms and it's uncomfortable you know impairs. People don't know who you I don't know what sports you play. The fashion world can sometimes be kind of snooty. I'm sure that that won't be a surprise to anybody. And because of their true love for and James also really very very serious about it and I think that they both will you know during their careers and after the careers have a real imprint in an foothold in the fashion world. But they put themselves out there and You know I I have so much respect for them and it felt like this cover was a way to really celebrate like that with anything. When you see a rapper try to act act of giving give you pushback you see an actor trying to wrap you get pushed back so naturally so but it's also if you look at us give you look at and to winter. Nobody cares the way she cares. Yeah.

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